LQD Men Of Style

How do you run a successful global skin care company AND stay fitter than 99% of the population?
Consistency, according to the founders of Lqd Skin Care Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas.
We recently shot Anthony and Chris in some of our favourite picks from Ted Baker, The Upside Man, ASOS and Insted We Smile. The result, as you can see, is luxe cool and contemporary looks from day to night.


How would you describe your individual styles ?

Because we’ve both spent the majority of our careers in the corporate world, we are over having to be formaly dressed for work. The days of people judging you for what you wear are coming to an end, and so for us it’s all about sporty functional clothing, with a touch a smart casual for work meetings. Given we are now in skin care, we deal with a lot of people involved in the beauty and fashion world, so our main style we aim for is Sporty Luxe


  1. How do you stay motivated to keep fit considering you’ve got such busy lives?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. The interesting thing is that it’s motivation that gets you started, but it’s turning your training into a habit that keeps you consistent over time. I’ve trained consistently for over 30 years, and honestly motivation for training comes and goes, but it’s the habit I’ve established around training that are much harder to break. So start by creating a healthy habit around training and eating well, 3-5 days per week and you are 90% there.


  1. Who is the Lqd Man?

The Lqd man is the epitome of the modern man. He is confident about who he is and doesn’t need to try to fit into a pre-defined norm like his predecessors. He aims to continually improve in everything he does, whether that’s at work or in the gym and is always seeking new ways to learn and grow, both physically and emotionally. He also takes a lot of pride in his appearance, whether that be how he looks when he’s at work or at the beach with his friends.


  1. Lqd is highly successful now and only going to get bigger, but along the way did you ever have moments of self doubt? And how did you overcome it?

The path to becoming an over-night success is always a long journey, full of twist and turns. We describe our journey with Lqd as the ultimate rollercoaster adventure, where we’ve had some of the most amazing highs, but also the deepest darkest lows. The single biggest piece of advice that I give to people who are starting out, is to just never give up. I’m the eternal optimist, and believe that the universe will always help you out, so you just have to trust that if you create great products and do the right thing, then you will be successful. So far that has proven itself to be true in everything I’ve done in my life to date. Everything happens for a reason, it’s just sometimes you don’t know what the reason is at the time, so just keep moving forward and never look back and ask what if…as that just holds you in the past.

6am and its Gym time for the boys dressed in The Upside Man


10am Quick Breakfast Meeting at John Smith Cafe wearing Ted Baker Jeans & Polo, Instead We Smile Jumper and ASOS Bomber jacket before heading to the Office.


3pm and its Downtime taking a moment to catch up with our Daughter and Spartacus wearing Instead We Smile Shorts and Denim Jacket, and Ted Baker Polo’s.


6pm and we’re ready to head out to an event wearing Ted Baker Pants, Shirt and Polo and ASOS Embroidered Bomber & Wool Coat.


From Day to night their Style is Uncomplicated and Stylish, a reflection of their personalities and the fantastic brand that is Lqd Skincare.


Creative Direction & Styling Arrnott Olssen

Photography Chris Mohen


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme