Le Petit Rose the Perfect Date Night Pairing

Whether you’re spending a cosy date night with your significant other or Netflix and chilling by yourself, choosing the perfect bottle of wine can often take longer than it does to get yourself ready or pick a movie. To make the decision easier for you, Jacob’s Creek tells us why their Le Petit Rosé is the perfect drop.

The Perfect Pair

Rosé is the hero of food pairings, complimenting foods both savory and sweet, from charcuterie boards to desserts! This makes it the perfect date night drop so you don’t have to worry about what meals to pair with which wine. Anything from Seafood and salad to pasta is often easy to compliment with well-balanced, fruity flavours. For dessert inspiration, see here for the perfect summer pavlova.

Award winning rosé, limited edition floral design

Jacob’s Creek has collaborated with artist Heidi Willis to release a limited edition bottle design of their Le Petit Rosé this summer. This beautiful bottle is the perfect gift or table piece this Valentine’s and one to keep after you’ve polished it off by re-using as a candle holder, flower vase or water jug!

RRP: $17.99

Available: at leading liquor retailers

Edited by Arrnott Olssen