Krispy Creme Goes to The Big Screen

In celebration of its latest range of cinema flavoured inspired doughnuts, Krispy Kreme has created a VR 360 film called Journey to Glazetopia. The film was co-directed by Evan Viera and Alan Dickson of Yukfoo animation and Evan himself was actually behind the interactive music video Ink by Coldplay


Doughnut pirates, black holes and a Sarcastic ALgorithmic computer (SAL)? A first for Krispy Kreme, Australia’s much loved doughnut brand is taking its customers on a virtual reality journey with the launch of its latest range of doughnuts.

Inspired by the flavours of the cinema, a blockbuster hit for the taste buds needed a blockbuster movie to match. ‘Journey to Glazetopia’, Krispy Kreme’s epic sci-fi inspired Virtual Reality 360 film, celebrates the launch of the limited edition doughnuts.


Co-directed by multi-award winning animation director and composer Evan Viera and Alan Dickson of Yukfoo Animation, the action-packed film features surround sound and 360 vision of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as many have never seen before.

With the sci-fi genre dominating the box office, customers are invited to immerse themselves in a Krispy Kreme galaxy far far away. Guided by SAL, explore the galactic universe of Glazetopia aboard the Starship Original Glazed – O.G.1. Only in Krispy Kreme’s Gooey Galaxy will you be attacked by retro pink doughnut pirates, gaze upon marshmallow moons and fly through a caramel popcorn asteroid belt.


A combination of the right mix of tech, science and adventure, film and food buffs alike will be taken on a full sensory experience when watching the snack size film, with Krispy Kreme giving away a complimentary limited edition VR Google cardboard headset when purchasing the new range of doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme - Google cardboard 2

The film stars the new range of doughnuts Caramel Popcorn, Choc Top, Cola Fizz and Choccy Orange available online and in Krispy Kreme stores* across the nation.

Dig into the crunch of Caramel Popcorn, with caramel truffle icing and a sprinkling of buttery salted popcorn. Enjoy the classic Choc Top, complete with a fluffy whipped marshmallow crème center and a milk chocolate wafer biscuit.

Krispy Kreme - Movies range 2

Drink in the scent of cola with Cola Fizz, featuring a cola flavoured filling topped with a sour coke bottle lolly. Treat taste buds to a timeless combination with Choccy Orange, a blend of choc orange-flavoured pieces and a choc-orange whipped crème center.

Commenting on the launch, Andrew McGuigan, CEO of Krispy Kreme Australia and Executive Producer of the film says: “We believe we already have the world’s best doughnut. With a campaign like this we have a reason to be relevant in the hearts & minds of our fans beyond what is simply in the box.”


The new doughnuts are now available in-store and online at – order before 5pm for next day delivery or pick up in-store for free.

To view ‘Journey to Glazetopia’ visit:

Krispy Kreme - Movies range 3

RRP $27 per dozen or $3.50 each 

The limited edition doughnuts will be available from March 7th 2017 until May 1st 2017.

In-store giveaway of headsets will be available from March 7th 2017 until stocks run out. 

*Available from any of Krispy Kreme’s 19 stores in NSW, VIC, WA and QLD. Not available in 7-Eleven, SA stores, Jesters (WA) or BP.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme