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A new study has shown that most Australian men don’t believe bone health is their issue – a worrying fact when 30% of men in the country will suffer an osteoporatic break. As someone who knows how much health – including that of your bones – impacts a man’s ability to live an active lifestyle, former Sydney Swans player Jude Bolton has partnered with Healthy Bones Australia to help raise awareness that osteoporosis and bone health are not just issues affecting women.

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Recent research has found that over one third of Australian men aged 18 – 34 believe osteoporosis in men is rare, and close to 60% of Australian men don’t think they’re at risk. The frightening truth is that around 20% of osteoporois cases occur in men, and over 7 million of us suffer from poor bone health. Regardless of if you’re a young man, or heading into your golden years, bone health is an important issue for us males. We’re not known for keeping on top of doctor’s appointments and health checks, and that’s why as a Healthy Bones Ambassador, I’m asking other Aussie men to think about their bone health this Halloween.

One great way to improve your bone health is through targeted exercise. Bones like to be shocked, and some of the training I used to do as a Swans player is a good starting point to get your bones healthy – and the rest of you too, of course!


The kind of training that lifts your heart rate and speeds up your fitness is often great for building and maintaining bone density. Jumping rope and stair climbing are two great examples, and although exhausting, it’s not just your bone health that will benefit from this kind of activity. Try adding 30 minutes of this type of training most days of the week and your overall fitness will also improve – dramatically and quickly.

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Resistance exercise is key to developing muscle mass and strong bones. Lifting weights, weight machines and using your own body weight are all great for your bone health as well as your physique. If you can’t access weights, push ups, tricep dips. chin ups, flutter kicks, burpees and planks all build your strength and help your bones, and all you need is yourself!

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[Sydney Swans Picture courtesy of VIMEO – Jude Bolton head shot courtesy of Jude Bolton]