Joel Threadgold New Face of Sydney Strand Workout Tips

Volume 6 of 1891 celebrates the soul, heritage and people of Sydney’s Strand Arcade for the Autumn/Winter 2016 season, featuring newcomer Joel Threadgold who took the time to share his workout routine with us.


Describe your workout routine. 

I work out three to five days each week, targeting separate muscle groups at each session.

How do you approach exercise? A punish or a pleasure? 

It’s a Punish! One that’s immediately worthwhile when all the sweat gets wiped off. 

Is physical fitness important for your job? 


Do you lead a naturally active lifestyle? 

I’ve always found it hard to sit still, so that makes me keep out and about and on the move.

How did you get into modelling? 

I was scouted in the middle of shopping! It hasn’t even been a month and it’s already a complete whirlwind.  The 1891 shoot for Strand Arcade was my first! 

Describe your personal style. 

Clothes that are too big that I pay too much for. 

Who are your favourite menswear brands in the Strand Arcade? 

The boys over at the Suit Shop are great and Gumption makes a red-hot coffee.

Do you have a grooming routine? Any stand out products? 

I actually couldn’t live without bio-oil.


Revelling in the rich history of one of the oldest retail destinations in Sydney, the latest edition of the Strand’s in-house paper explores the unique stores and walkways which make up the Arcade, uncovering ideas, revelations and a melting pot of undeniable talent along the way.

Australian fashion industry authority Alison Veness dives into all the Strand has to offer as the season’s curator, bringing together a carefully selected creative team that acknowledges both the power of the past, and the promise of the future.

In the beautiful “Coming of Age” feature, eight of Level One’s top Australian designers reveal personal snapshots from their formative years, reflecting on the hopes and dreams of their youth, the heartfelt decisions made, and the often winding paths taken to success.


The exquisitely styled and shot fashion story “Heavenly Creatures” in contrast, rejoices in life on the brink of taking off, with a casting of next generation talent all poised to create their own personal tales. Featuring fresh faces Charlee Fraser, Alice Morgan and Madeline Gurton alongside Charlie Nye and newcomer Joel Threadgold; the editorial is shot at Harry and Penelope Seidler’s 1966 home in Killara and showcases stunningly crafted pieces from Strand designers including Dion Lee, Galanni, LIFEwithBIRD and Megan Park. Jewellery from Victoria Buckley, Courtesy of the Artist and Dinosaur Designs hold promise as heirlooms that one day will have a history as rich as the Strand Arcade itself.

The issue closes with musings on the “Secret Strand”, divulging in-the-know confidences on the enduring artisans that are the backbone of the arcade’s unique and richly diverse community, treasured by all who come to know it now and for years to come.


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme