Introducing Klim by Michael Klim Skincare

Milk and Co, the skincare company co-created by Olympic swimming legend Michael Klim is set to launch KLIM – the new men’s skincare and fragrance line designed to help active guys clean, strengthen, condition and protect their skin, everyday.


KLIM by Michael Klim is a simple, no-nonsense, 360-degree Skin Fitness range that offers the modern Aussie male a concise range of multi-functional and super hydrating products to keep them feeling fresh and protected from the elements, without having to spend hours in the bathroom.

Formulated with naturally active, marine ingredients such as nori, spirulina, brown algae and seaweed extracts, KLIM may look simple on the outside but it packs a serious, anti-ageing punch on the inside, that’s suited to all skin types.

Personally researched and tested by MK himself, KLIM is: proudly Aussie made and owned, with 100 percent recyclable packaging and is not tested on animals. The products are simple to use, effective, available everywhere and don’t cost the earth – we call it the good stuff, without the fluff.

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Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen SPF 15, RRP $19.95 / 150mL

The outdoorsy, multi–tasking, need-to-have product. Contains HomeoxyTM an anti-aging complex combining two algae known for their high B vitamin content. HomeoxyTM is clinically proven to prevent age- related metabolic defects and UV-induced skin damage. Homeo- Shield®, derived from brown algae found in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Brittany, improves the skin’s barrier function for maximum protection against external influences and water loss. SPF 15 protects the skin against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Glyercin has moisturising properties and humectants and minerals provide continuous hydration for 24 hours. Vitamins A and E add antioxidant powers and rosemary and mint smell good and provide a cooling effect on the skin!

Face Wash + Scrub RRP $14.95 / 150mL

Wash it, scrub up and get out. Made with walnut shell and jojoba esters to scrub, kaolin to absorb excess oil and brown algae extracts to clean and calm. Physical exfoliants of walnut shell and coconut help scrub and cleanse and marine extracts of porphyra umbilicas and spirulina act as vitamin supplements for the skin. With more than 50 nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids, you will feel the goodness! Rosemary and peppermint invigorate the senses and help to refresh the skin, along with vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, skin protectant and moisturiser.

Face Wash RRP $12.95 / 150mL

Face Wash uses natural based foaming cleansers (coconut and corn) to clean skin and unclog pores. pH balanced so that it matches the skin’s natural pH level. Essential oils rosemary and peppermint invigorate the senses and help to refresh the skin, along with glycerin, which acts as a skin protectant and moisturiser. Paraben free, perfect for all skin types.

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant RRP $9.95 / 75mL

A fast drying and long lasting Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for men that is completely aluminium free. The addition of Aloe Vera makes the KLIM Deo ideal for sensitive skin types and is extremely low irritant. It’s completely paraben free and won’t leave white marks on your clothes… so feel free to spray and go – easy!

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Aqua Cool Shave Gel RRP $10.95 / 150mL

Aqua Cool Shave Gel is a refreshing alternative to the traditional shave cream for the modern man, designed to minimize excessive lathering for the ultimate precision shave experience. Clear in appearance with cooling peppermint oil and soothing coconut oil, Aqua Cool Shave Gel has been designed to assist with the daily shave in an invigorating way. Coconut oil helps moisturise and reduce redness, while peppermint and menthol leave lasting freshness. This is every man’s bathroom essential, designed to give the ultimate shave experience.

Invigorating Body Wash RRP $12.95 / 372mL

KLIM Invigorating Body Wash is specially formulated with VitaplexTM technology. VitaplexTM is derived from marine extracts (macro-algae and marine glycogen) that assists in eliminating toxins, providing you with younger and healthier looking skin. Honey and whey protein provide extra nourishment for the skin; a daily wash with this stuff and you will see an improvement with skin texture within a week! Rosemary and mint provide a cooling effect on the skin and revitalise the senses. Rosemary is also an excellent aid for acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Face + Body Scrub RRP $12.95 / 375mL

Face + Body Scrub is the all over, multi-tasking time-saving type. Helps to gently exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise the skin. It’s made from marine ingredients, walnut shell and aloe vera, which work together to exfoliate and enrich the skin, keeping it smooth, firm and healthy. Glycerin, aloe and Pro-vitamin B5 are natural ingredients to help soothe, moisturise and protect skin. We’ve also included kaolin, a natural based mineral used to absorb excess oil, while marine extracts of porphyra umbilicas and spirulina act as vitamin supplements for the skin.

Sports Moisturiser SPF 30 RRP $29.95 / 375mL

Featuring a dry to-the-touch powder formulation unlike anything you have ever felt before. Sports Moisturiser SPF 30+ provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and is four hours water resistant. The SPF30 formulation is also sweat resistant, fast absorbing, non-greasy and won’t block the pores or cause breakouts. To make it even better, vitamin E provides moisture and aloe vera soothes and repairs the skin. It won’t leave a ‘white sheen’ like most sunscreens do. Handy tip: The aloe vera and tea tree aromas not only smell great, they are perfect for helping to keep the bugs away in warmer climates – it’s the perfect tropical holiday buddy!

KLIM by Michael Klim skin and bodycare products are available from selected Woolworths, Coles, About Life, Thomas Dux supermarkets, independent pharmacies and health food stores nationally.

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