InStitchu Opens In Brisbane

InStitchu, recently announced the opening of a new showroom in the heart of Brisbane’s prime retail precinct – Queen Street Mall.


The new showroom is InStitchu’s first physical venture into the Queensland market and aims to give their Brisbane-based customers a chance to experience traditional tailoring. The opening follows closely behind the recent launch of their Melbourne showroom.


Robin McGowan, co-founder of InStitchu said, “We’ve had our eye on Brisbane for a while now and are really excited to bring a new location to our customers in Brisbane. Just like Sydney and Melbourne showrooms, our new heritage Queen Street location aims to create a seamless and memorable experience for our customers – with a unique combination of old-world charm and technology.

“While some customers are comfortable providing their measurements and placing their order online, some feel that it’s important to visit a physical store and get a feel for the quality of the fabrics. For us it’s about matching the customer with the perfect suit and if we can build the confidence of consumers, it can last throughout many purchases.


Since the launch of InStitchu in 2012, the company has experienced consistent growth and expansion. Recent data published by the EDITED, suggests, that menswear grew at a faster global pace than womenswear – up 4.5 per cent versus 3.7 per cent. And by 2019 menswear is expected to reach $40 billion in worldwide sales.

“There is huge potential in the bespoke product market. Today’s consumers are undergoing a generational shift – becoming more style-conscious and demanding to be different. InStitchu caters to the type of shopper who appreciates and prioritises a beautifully crafted product with excellent fit over slavish devotion to trend,” said James Wakefield, co-founder of InStitchu.


Wakefield says that the launch of their third showroom, and their plans for three further showrooms across the country, will help them to scale their business and help more Australian men to effortlessly shop for a new suit or a shirt.

“Our research shows that once fitted in a showroom, the majority of customers will then complete all future orders online,” Wakefield said.

“The way today’s man designs and buy suits has changed, and InStitchu is just getting started. We’re looking forward to helping more Aussie men get better fitting suits through more locations around the country.”

The new InStitchu showroom is located at the iconic heritage building at Level 1, Suite 112, 180 Queen Street.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme