IKEA’s Flat Pack Easter Chocolate Bunny Back in Store

The IKEA flat-pack milk chocolate bunnies, VÅRKÄNSLA, have hit shelves across the country for another year. I know we all could do with a little excitiment and this definitely counts, so get your hands on it ready for Easter celebrations.

The chocolate bunny is flat-packed into three components, making assembly easy and enjoyable. The legs connect to the body which connects to the ears. It’s a great activity for the kids and a way to spend time together while indoors, bringing a touch of excitement into your life at home.






























The chocolate bunny is also made from UTZ certified cacao, which ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers.

They are currently in stock across all IKEA Australia stores and are priced at $7, while IKEA Family members can pick them up for $6. Hours of fun putting them together then devoring them, will definitely be a hit at any home.





















Edited by Arrnott Olssen