IKEA Sets The Bar High with Designer Collab SPANST

IKEA have blown it out of the park with their latest Collab offering SPANST which is definitely aimed at Gents, designed in collaboration with Chris Stamp, an L.A. based fashion designer and the creative director of Stampd this limited edition collection is a must buy …

Founded in 2011 by Chris, Stampd is known for its meticulous attention to detail and designs that embody modern youth culture with high quality and a minimal aesthetics.

Chris brings this creative approach to SPÄNST, a collection that allows you to exhibit your fashion at home with the same amount of artistry and pride within the four walls, as you do outside them.

Consisting of a mesh wardrobe, transparent shoeboxes and a shoe rack for displaying skateboards and footwear – SPÄNST uses refined materials and monochrome colours with graphic elements.

Chris Stamp says, “As a fashion designer, I know that people want to show other people their clothes, shoes and accessories. Why spend a lot on a pair of sneakers and hide them in the closet?

“I want everyone to be able to take pride in how they display their clothing and footwear, allowing them to appreciate their pieces just as much as when they’re not being worn.”

SPÄNST is all about the small details, and on many of the products you’ll find the longitude and latitude coordinates for the first IKEA store in Sweden and the flagship Stampd store in L.A. It also includes the first ever skateboard to be released by IKEA.

Chris adds, “I grew up surfing and skating. Here in Cal, skating is more than transportation. It’s a culture and an intimate part of [our] DNA. I’m honoured to get the opportunity to design the first ever IKEA skateboard.”

However Chris’ favourite item is the LED light stick – a minimal, stylish lamp that can be clipped onto the wall, or leaned against it.

“The light is just an awesome piece. You can use it in so many different realms, and the fact that you can charge it with your USB makes it really flexible – whether it’s on your wall with your smart phone adaptor or with your computer.”

Tiffany Buckins, Head of Interior Design for IKEA Australia says, “The clothes we wear, the way we dress and the accessories we choose tells the story of our personal style and character. SPÄNST allows us to continue to tell that story, and instead of hiding your most loved pieces in a cupboard or closet, they become part of your homes aesthetic. I love

that everyone can bring their own flavour and personality to these products, bringing them to life in ways to suit their own style – keep it edgy with your collectable branded T’s or glam it up with your favourite dresses.

“With the introduction of SPÄNST everyone can have a piece of high-end furniture in their home for an affordable price. It’s exciting to see the possibilities when furniture and fashion are fused together!”

SPÄNST will be available in Australian stores from 28 May 2018 until sold out.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme