IKEA Goes Global for PS 2017

IKEA looks to future design trends for the creation of the IKEA PS 2017. In stores from February 2017, the collection explores the future of design and the changing nature of the home.


IKEA PS 2017 is all about independence. The collection was designed by 17 urban designers from around the world who wanted to challenge the conventional and embrace the changing nature of metropolitan living spaces. Together, they have developed more than 50 products, including limited edition items, which are inspired by the modern notion of flexible and open living.

Christine Gough, IKEA Interior Design Leader says, “In 2017 we’ll see lines continue to blur between the inside and outside of the home. We want the open spaces in our home to flow, and to be flexible and multifunctional. In this way we can create spaces that can handle the shift from one mood to the next, from dark and cosy to light and loud. 2017 will be about creating spaces that are anything but static.”


The IKEA PS 2017 collection brings this trend of increasing flexibility in the way we live to life, with pieces that fold up, pack down and roll up. This inspiration creates the basis for this eclectic range that was created with new materials, new techniques and vibrant colours.


Candlesticks inspired by allen keys, a corner easy chair made out of 18 cushions and a quilt that transforms into a cushion, the IKEA PS 2017 collection is unexpected and surprising. The designers include Australian design duo Kate and Joel Booy, who together have filled the pieces with intricate details and cutting edge design.


For example, IKEA designer Sarah Fager explored 3D knitting innovation to create a stunning lightweight armchair that will bring an airy and open feel to your home. While Iina Vuorivirta has used recycled glass to create spectacularly marbled vases that are every bit environmentally friendly as they are beautiful.


Created for a multifunctional and fluid home, the IKEA PS 2017 collection blurs the line between work and play, and allows spaces to flow. From larger items such as storage units (that are just as easy to take down as they are to put up) and rocking chairs to everyday items like travel mugs, throws, lighting, rugs and room dividers, IKEA PS 2017 will make the everyday easier and more exciting.


“It’s not just about making the most of what you have, in 2017 the focus will move more towards choosing things that let you make the most of life. Things you can easily pick up and move – within a room or from home to home and furniture that frees you up instead of weighing you down,” Christine Gough said.

This is the ninth IKEA PS range to be released by IKEA and now available in Australian stores.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme