How To Create the Best Home Cinema Set-up with LG

I’ve never had much interest in home cinema set-ups or having the latest TV screens, well that is until I was introduced this year to the LG Atmos Sound bar and Oled TV Screens. It definitely was love at first sight or was it sound anyway I digress, we asked LG for some advice from their experts on how to create the best Home Cinema Set-up using the LG range and they happily came to the party so here it is.

1)  Screen type matters: LG OLED TVs eliminate the backlight and instead have self-lighting pixels that only produce light when and where required. LG OLED TVs produce vivid, life-like images comprising of more than one billion colours and each pixel has the ability to turn off completely achieving a perfect black for greater contrast on the screen.

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Some of the 2017 Super UHD 4K TV range comes equipped with IPS and Nano Cell technology, advanced screen technologies to provide more enhanced colour at wide viewing angles than conventional LG LED/LCD TVs. This means that everyone in the family can get a great experience from an LG SUPER UHD 4K TV, no matter where they sit.

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2) Future proof TV: Upgrade to a 4K UHD TV to access content in the best visual format currently available on a TV. Streaming services offer content in 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, but you need a compatible TV to watch the content in these formats. Both LG OLED TVs and LG SUPER UHD 4K TVs incorporate industry leading Dolby Vision HDR technology which enhances the contrast of content scene-by-scene.

3) Large screens in small spaces: Gone are the days where you can’t fit a large screen TV in a small space. With 8.3 million pixels in 4K UHD TVs you can sit closer to the screen, the technology delivers four times the number of pixels of Full HDTV. So if you’re living in a smaller apartment, or a thinner width terrace home, it means you can still consider a bigger screen in your living room and experience incredibly detailed and crisp pictures, even when seated up close.

The rule of thumb is that a viewer should sit at a distance from the TV that is just 1.5 times the screen height for 4K Ultra HD.

4) Create a cinema sound experience: Boost the sound of content for an enhanced home cinema experience. 2017 LG soundbars are sleek in design and fit nicely under a TV without blocking the screen. The LG SJ9 soundbar is the company’s first soundbar to integrate Dolby Atmos® sound, which with the use of upward firing speakers create a surround sound experience by reflecting sound off the ceiling and walls.

Check out the 2017 LG SJ9 soundbar:

With Christmas coming up its the perfect excuse to upgrade your set-up and and ask Santa or start hinting for those Christmas Gifts, I know I’d be a happy chappy to received this LG Home Cinema Set-up for Christmas and I’ll prob be designated for Movie nights with my family and friends every week haha.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme