Healthy Options from Simply 7 Snacks

Staying Healthy can be a challenge especially if you’re always busy and on the run, so when we came across Simply 7 Snacks we knew we’d hit the jackpot when it came to healthy snacking…

All About Simply 7 Snacks

Simply 7 Snacks is passionate about making all-natural products that provide a one-of-a kind snacking experience for the health-conscious consumer. Founded in 2010, the idea behind Simply 7 Snacks was born because of a distressing trend in local grocery stores: food made with ingredients that most people don’t recognise and can’t even pronounce. Standing behind 7 core standards, Simply 7 Snacks strives to show people that simple and natural ingredients are actually exceptionally delicious.

The brand was established in 2010 in Texas. Since its success in America, it also launched in Australia in 2013.

Simply 7 Snacks have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are non-genetically modified and have up to 50% less fat than potato chips. It is perfect for vegetarians or people with a kosher diet.

Hummus Sea Salt

Hummus Roasted Red Pepper


There are 6 flavours in total: Hummus Sea Salt, Lentil Sea Salt, Quinoa Cheddar, Quinoa Barbeque, Hummus Roasted Red Pepper and Lentil Jalapeno Chips.

Lentil Jalapeno

Lentil Sea Salt
















Where To Buy

Target and leading health food stores and independent grocers range all 6 varieties.

Coles ranges the Hummus Sea Salt and Lentil Sea Salt.

Woolworths ranges the Lentil Sea Salt and Quinoa Cheddar.

Quinoa BarbequeQuinoa Cheddar

















Website & Cost

RRP is $5.99 for each product

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme