Go Car Tech With Logitech

   Logitech has introduced new additions to its award-winning Logitech® case+ system designed for the iPhone® 5 and iPhone® 5s, further enhancing the functionality of your phone and making it easy customise your phone for what you need to do.page1image20224


The new magnetically mounted additions to the case+ system include the Logitech® +trip, a car mount for safe hands-free smartphone use in the vehicle, and the Logitech® +wallet, which lets you bring your cards and cash along when you’re on the go. In addition to these new add-ons, case+, the cornerstone of the system, is available in two additional modern colors. Collectively, these new solutions give you a host of new features, and look beautiful at the same time.

“We designed the case+ system to offer sleek protection and increase the functionality of your phone, without sacrificing style,” said Marcus Fry, Managing Director of Logitech ANZ. “Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to deliver on that promise, with new solutions that can be mixed and matched with our existing lineup to provide the functionality you want. The Logitech case+ system is the only case you’ll ever want.”


The foundation of the case+ system is now available in two additional modern colors, Red Plum and Blue Glacier. Simply insert your phone into the case and then magnetically attach any of the other pieces in the lineup to your phone.



+trip can help reduce safety hazards associated with driving and navigating with your phone. You can quickly clip it on to any air vent in your vehicle through a one-touch mount. With its minimal footprint and clever design, +trip keeps your smartphone secure and in view at all times for safe, hands-free phone function while you drive. A magnet securely connects your smartphone to the +trip mount, so you can keep your audio, navigation and phone calls right where you want them. +trip also comes with

Logitech Expands Smartphone Lineup with Sleek New Accessories  a universal adapter, making smartphones of all shapes and sizes compatible. Compact and chromed,

+trip is the perfect co-pilot for your every day or holiday trips.



+wallet turns your case+ into a slim, stylish wallet that conveniently keeps your cards and cash at your fingertips. With magnetic coupling, +wallet instantly unites your phone and wallet into one pocket- friendly design. To keep your credit cards and hotel key safe, +wallet features Magnashield technology, which protects the contents of your wallet by creating a barrier to prevent demagnetisation. The +wallet stylishly solves your pocket problems, uniting everything you need when you’re on the go.


Pricing and Availability

The +trip, the +wallet and the two new colors of case+ are available now, each product has suggested retail price of $29.95 respectively. For more information please visit www.logitech.com.