Give the Gift of BlueAnt’s pump Air Wireless Headphones

We love a good gadget here at Rogue Homme and these BlueAnt headphones are the bomb, without compromising top audio quality, the Pump Air are the smallest true wireless earbud currently on the market, making them ideal for men and women with all ear sizes.

Weighing in at just 4 grams each, the earbuds are built to be light and comfortable. Designed for an active lifestyle, the Pump Air earbuds allow users to listen, train and talk completely hands-free, with no wires involved.

The sleek, soft-touch design, available in black, white and rose gold, is optimised for both training and everyday use and has a sweatproof coating to give users the freedom to train as hard as they wish.

The product includes a charging case to deliver up to fifteen hours of on-the-go use with a one hour rapid charge when a top up is required. The new earbuds also have a built-in microphone for calls, and total integration with Siri and Google, meaning that users can control music and make calls with minimal effort.

“We’ve maximised the quality of the new Pump Airs, so they’re all play and no work. You just put them in, switch on your music and you have hours of uninterrupted listening,” said BlueAnt founder Taisen Maddern.

“We’ve focused on the bass and audio quality with the Pump Airs, so the sound is richer and louder than anything else you’ll find on the market.”

“Maximum sturdiness and user comfort were also top of mind when we designed the Pump Airs. We want them to be able to withstand even the hardest workout regime. The sweat-proofing and the new charging case – delivering up to fifteen hours – mean the earbuds perfectly complement both active lifestyles and everyday use,” he said.

This product release marks a year since BlueAnt partnered with Apple. In 2016, the company’s Pump 2 headphones retailed in US Apple stores as the headphone of choice for the Apple Watch.

The new Pump Airs, are available now and boast a range of innovative features including:

●  A charging case to deliver up to fifteen hours of on-the-go use

●  Fully chargeable in less than one hour, 20 minutes charge gives you one hour

●  Four sizes of ComfortSeal and three sizes of ComfortSeal Plus tips for a maximised

secure, comfortable fit

●  A built-in microphone for calls, simple and intuitive one-touch controls and Siri and

Google integration

●  Use the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology and are coated in Sweatproof IP54

The headphones retail at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Tech2Go in Australia for AUD$169.99.

Merry Christmas…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme