Get Summer Ready with the Hottest New Label Bracewell Men

A great pair of shorts isn’t always easy to find, one that looks great but also feels great is essential as most guys will wear it from afternoon into evening. Bracewell Men covers all of that, and well thought out from fabrics to finishes each part of the short has a purpose and a reason. So we had a chat to the founders to find out a bit more about this brand thats so good it’s even being ripped off by another label.

  1. How’d you get started?

One day we decided to turn what was a dream into a reality. We quit our full-time jobs (impulsively) and booked our flights to Hong Kong, where we had heard about these amazing fabric markets. We spent a week walking miles every day through the fabric district of Hong Kong searching for our favourite prints, designs and finishes. We then travelled to Bali to shoot the range and it has built from there.


  1. What was your inspiration behind the collection?

We wanted to create a versatile short with an emphasis on comfort. We live in shorts through our long Australian summers, so our aim was to create a pair that would look good, feel good and be stretchy enough to train in at the gym. Basically a pair of shorts that you never have to take off.

  1. Who is the Bracewell man?

The Bracewell man is a go getter, who enjoys all aspects of life. He is the adventurous type that likes to look good and perform his activities in style.

 4. What makes Bracewell unique?

I think our history makes us unique. Fashion is in the blood, it’s something I’ve grown up with and always been around. I think a lot of people still recognise Bracewell for its name of quality and fair pricing.

  1. Where do you see Bracewell’s direction in the future as a brand ?

We see Bracewell in the future as a reinvention of its previous reputation as a leading brand in the Australian fashion industry. With the power of the internet and social media we aim to be recognised all around the world.


Words by Editor Arrnott Olssen