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Designed in early 2014 by owner of Ultimate Pilates Coach Ali, The Bow was created to offer a low impact strength and conditioning system that would complement the Total Trainer and Suspension classes performed at Ultimate Pilates.

The Bow Inventor - Coach Ali

At the time, Coach Ali was experimenting with TRX RIP trainer but identified many flaws and deficiencies that prevented him from introducing it to his own gym. The straight bar was not ergonomic and restricted certain movements, the long, loose cable attached to a light bar made it unsuitable for strength & conditioning exercises and screwing the bar in the middle meant that it fell apart during aggressive bilateral training.

The Bow - Miss Universe Australia, Monika Radulovic - 1

The Bow Promo Image

The Bow Promo Image

Coach Ali decided to make a heavier bar taking an EZ curl barbell approach to create angles and allow the use of other areas of the body such as thighs and feet to position the bar. The Bow Bar is Coach Ali’s answer to a stable and more effective use of a RIP Trainer, EZ curl barbell and Pump Bar in an all-in-one steel unit. Covered in rubber, The Bow Bar includes carabineer attachments at both sides for resistance cables that users can anchor both high and low.

The Bow Virtual Class Shoot

In addition to this, many of the suspension cables available on the market frayed and was damaged after repeat use. To combat this, The Bow Suspension Cables were created with the highest quality nylon fabric and stitched every 8 centimeters.

Coach Ali needed a product that was commercial- grade and worthy of withstanding maximum usage at his own gym so ensured that every part, attachment and piece of The Bow was tried, tested and the best product he could offer his clients. | @thebowfitness | #TheBow

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme