Get Baking with Google Nest’s New “My Gingerbread Creator”

Get excited, because Google Nest has launched My Gingerbread Creator, a voice-activated experience for display devices (Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max) that uses your imagination to create bespoke gingerbread house recipes. This experience was built in Australia – and features the outback, beach and kangaroos just the way we do Christmas here.

Google Nest’s My Gingerbread Creator lets you design, build, and watch your dream gingerbread house digitally come to life, then gives you all the information you need – including an ingredients list and step-by-step video instructions featuring Aussie celebrity chef, Anna Polyviou, to make that dream a reality. Just start by saying, “Hey Google, talk to My Gingerbread Creator.”

With 243 different combinations possible, the whole family can make their a personalised gingerbread house, choosing whether it’s based at the beach, in space or the outback, and if you’d prefer to bunk with kangaroos, swimmers, or aliens. You can even add a shark fin or unicorn chimney.

How it works:

  1. Ask a Google Nest display device, “Hey Google, talk to My Gingerbread Creator”
  2. Answer a series of questions about what kind of house you’d like to create e.g. “What kind of gingerbread house would you like to make? A tent, a rocket ship, or a
    beach shack?”
  3. Once you’ve made your virtual gingerbread house, Google Nest provides a bespoke shopping list of ingredients you’ll need to create your gingerbread house in real life
  4. Google Nest give a bespoke step-by-step video recipe (hosted by Aussie celebrity Chef,Anna Polyviou) to create your gingerbread house at home.
  5. Enjoy!

Happy Baking & 

Merry Christmas from RH