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Food for Health is an established Australian brand that focuses on health, functionality and allergy friendly products and now includes a range of muesli, gluten free muesli bars and muesli pods.




Food for Health supports not only people with specific dietary requirements, but also people who simply like to eat healthier options. From humble handmade beginnings, founded by Naturopath Narelle Plapp in 2005, Food for Health has now grown to become an Australian household name and exports to over 11 countries.


We spoke to founder Narelle and asked her about the importance of gut health and of a healthy breakfast

A:     Most of our illness’s start in the gut. So we should treat our gut with a lot more love than most of us do. Our diets obviously need to be the first thing people look at for both prevention and for answers to gut issues. In today’s busy lifestyle, people are neglecting to eat the appropriate servings of fruits, vegies, protein and fibre, especially at breakfast when most people are time poor.
Starting each day with a healthy breakfast that is high in fibre, and low in sugar, balances out blood sugar levels and also keeps our metabolism going. Both are key to gut health. The easiest way to restore gut health is to remove all toxic foods from our diet, this means high processed foods, caffeine and maybe gluten as this could be weakening your intestinal walls if you are intolerant to it.
A perfect breakfast solution would be: our delicious Liver cleansing muesli with a little bit of coconut or almond milk, sprinkled with high fibre seeds like Teff, chia and linseeds. Top it off with a dollop of low sugar yoghurt that is high in good bacteria.
Rather than grabbing a coffee, get a smoothie made with spinach, blueberries, bananas and a scoop of protein powder. You will also notice a huge increase in your energy levels with this power breakfast.

Products are available in Woolworths, Coles, Costco and independent supermarkets.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme