Eight Hottest Bathroom Design Trends in 2014

As an interior designer I have come across a lot of clients who feel overwhelmed by the mine field of decisions they need to make to try to achieve a designer look in their bathrooms without spending a fortune.

If you are considering renovating consider some these elements that are trending in 2014 that will give a designer look without having to fork out a small fortune. Renovating your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make in your home, in 2014 it is all about seamlessness, functionality and bold accents. Top of the list are:-

1.     Black bath

Images courtesy of   1. www.matteothun.com, 2. 3.  Armani hotel Dubai.

By introducing black tile and/or accessories such as taps, tubs, lighting.

Black taps, bathtubs, and tiles black brings in a bold contrast to otherwise neutral and white styles that have been trending in the past. The deep and dramatic hue adds a dramatic and sultry mood to an otherwise cold room.

Using black tiles for floor and walls has creates a luxurious and dramatic moody space. While just playing with the some elements in black adds a modern industrial style while highlighting and showcasing beautiful shapes

2. Bath Statement


With the desire to spoil ourselves in a luxurious bathroom and the need to capitalise on our return on investment in our homes, freestanding bathtubs have re-emerged as the desirable item. New freestanding baths are now available www.agape.com  with built in tap ware, storage and hob to put your glass of wine on while you soak.

 3. Matte tiles                                             

Images courtesy of 1. www.vinci-hamp.com                                                                     

If the neutral bathroom, that is a timeless and has a classic look, appeals to you but you are looking for a way to dress up with a bit more character, I would suggest introducing neutral matte tiles into your design. There are so many incredible tiles available now in the soft, powdery matte finish of natural concrete in shades ranging from the palest of greys to off-blacks. Try these tiles underfoot or perhaps lining the walls of your shower or behind you vanity to create focal points.

4.    Frameless Showers


When it comes to showers in 2014, the trend is a continuous, seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stop it at the shower curb, offers a clean, beautiful approach to bathroom design – especially when featured in a smaller space. There are also some incredibly sleek and chic floor drains that run along under the glass, rather than in the centre of the. It’s those sort of details that make up an entirely decorative and functional space.

 5. Hobbs and Niches in showers, behind vanities and freestanding tubs

When designing a bathroom planning ahead is so important for storage and practical use of the bathroom. The trend for 2014, with creative designers using every square inch of space in a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing way. With addition of shaving cabinets and vanities designers are starting to integrate hobs and niches for keeping useful items at hand. It’s a simple, modern detail that works really well in bathrooms and looks terrific when detailed with tile or natural stone.

 6. Carrera Look

Images courtesy of 1. Genesin Studio   2.www.miltondevelopment.com

One of the biggest trends in 2014 is the Italian Marble Carrara look. Giving an impression of subtle luxury and excellence but keep in mind that not only the well heel need consider this look. With the amount of ceramic porcelain tiles now available replicating Carrara, this look can now be created on just about any budget. 

7. Printed Tiles

The return of patterned tiles is another look that is trending but gone are the days of tastles animal and shell prints of the 80’s and 90’s.

Southern Cross cermaics now have the artisian range that offers patterns from geometics, morrocan and art noeuveau designs. Check out Southern Cross Ceramics Made in Australia for more inspiration.

8. Natural Stone

Introducing natural stone feature walls into you bathroom, you will be creating a bathroom with a tranquil resort feel to your space.

The stones are pre-cut flat and stacked as a cladding which is to easy installation by your tiler as they are pre-glued together in sheets of 150x300mm but may vary between manufacturers. Generally 10-15mm thick which your tiler can install as easy as a standard tile. Only two things you need to consider when installing these are:-

A.     Are they in a spot they can easily be cleaned?

B.     If you do install these in you shower spaces they will need to be sealed with a good quality sealant to stop discolouration and staining that will otherwise be impossible to remove. 

By Monnia Dziril

Design/Partner Design Traders Co.