Five Fantastic Floral Picks from for Valentines Day

So It’s almost Valentines Day again and in case you haven’t prepared anything then we have you covered, nothing says I Love You My Valentine then sending a huge Floral Bouquet to someone’s work or home so we’ve picked 5 of our Favourites from .

The Native Valentine
Sure, roses are popular but for the lover of natives they simply don’t compete. Interesting, gnarly and long lasting native bouquets are becoming more and more sought after. This one is filled with banksias, kangaroo paw, dollar gum and more.
The One and Only
Before we could get our hands on these wonderful, 70cm+ Colombians we used to discourage guys to buy the tall reds at Valentine’s Day. Not anymore. With perfect rose growing conditions in South America and rose fields 7000 feet above sea level the tradition of red roses at Valentine’s Day is one well worth maintaining.
Colombia’s Finest
You need only look at the image to see how impressive these roses are. “Mondial” roses are our favourite from South America and are the classic, elegant and stylish choice.
Magnificent Valentine
Pretty much a colourful tropical rainforest in a vase, “Magnificent Valentine” is sure to get you kudos and “Best on Ground” in the office when received by your significant other. Filled with Colombian roses, anthuriums, woolly bush, bromeliads, pink oriental lilies, a phalaenopsis stem and more it never fails to impress. Builds muscles too.
White’s Right for Valentine’s 
A little whimsical with the dollar gum. A little fragrant with the casablanca lilies. And a little colour with the spider crissies. Not forgetting the elegance of the white lissianthus. This combination is the quiet achiever that competes above it’s weight. Always loved.
Don’t waste time get on to it now and place your order so you can get delivery by Friday this week and make that special someone’s Valentine extra Special.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme