Fitzroy World’s first Sustainable Rum Label

Options feel limited for many of us when it comes to solving problems as big as the pollution of the ocean. Amsterdam based agency Fitzroy wants to change this belief with a new promising product: Navy Rum. So drinking to forget the problems we cause, will actually contribute to solving them.

By turning waste from the North Sea into beautiful rum bottles, Fitzroy is creating sustainable packaging for their navy rum. Old glass bottles are turned into new flasks and old Coca-Cola wrappers are used to produce beautiful bottle caps. This eye-catching top looks like plastic marble.
Creating a unique and distinctive design which invites people to reuse this bottle for other purposes as well. This is also the main reason the bottle itself won’t be branded, but wrapped.

Besides blending the rum, Fitzroy also blended their own nautical heritage into the product. The agency is located in an old sailor school and takes its name Fitzroy from the captain of the Beagle: Robert FitzRoy. Also known as the captain that steered Charles Darwin on his journeys of discovery.
The only rum which contributes to restoring the world, to how it was once discovered by the brave captains, proudly carries the same name: Fitzroy’s Navy Rum. Of course the recipe is not your ordinary jamaican taste, it is the so called: ‘navy style’. A smooth but heavy flavour, which gives us a little nip of the bravery and willingness of the men of the past.
With the world’s first sustainable rum label, Fitzroy wants to inspire others to think of new options to re-use waste, so we can all contribute in our own way to restore our environment.
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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme