Fight Skin Damage with Zkin

Gents we know that a lot of you either work outdoors, or workout or hang out in the sun so we want to make sure we’re finding solutions to help with any skin damage…

Protecting your skin with the change of weather
Zk’in Hydrating Mist RRP $39.95

Containing a potent organic active which is clinically tested to help fight against UV damage and improve skin hydration, the organic fucoidan will reduce redness, while Aloe Vera refreshes and soothes. Perfect for this cross-seasonal period when the sun is still beaming, but the wind is picking up!

Apply morning and night after cleansing – pressing into skin. Follow by applying a moisturiser – we suggest zk’in Rejuvenating Moisturiser for improved skin elasticity and smoothness.

Particularly useful for helping speed recovery from sunburn – Sam from Sydney wrote in to share his story, “Over the weekend I got really bad sunburn,  I sprayed my face to see if Hydrating Mist would help and INSTANTLY it relieved me! I grabbed a bottle and after spraying all over my sunburn I was able to sleep last night! I love the fact it has the AloeVera inside but I didn’t need to rub into my skin and aggravate it more.  I am calling it the MIRACLE MIST”.

As an added bonus Hydrating Mist be used to improve your skin tone. Containing 90% fucoidan-polyphenol complex, Maritech® Bright has a potent anti-oxidant effect to aid in skin brightening, enhancing radiance and visibly reducing age spot pigmentation

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme