Fathers Day Guide|Wow with Whiskey

Win over Dad this Fathers Day with a bottle of Whiskey, either to be enjoyed now or kept for a special occasion either way you’ll make Dads day. We chatted to four amazing Gents behind Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Suntori & Laphroiag and asked for their picks.

Name : John Campbell

Company : Laphroaig

Inspiration : “The people that make it plus 200 years worth of history, and to be representing the an amazing brand like Laphroaig.”

Favourite Whiskey : “I don’t mind Jim Beam Black but I pretty much drink Laphroaig.”

Fathers Day Gift Suggestion : “Depends what he drinks so if he’s in to Bourbon then a Laphroaig Quarter Cast would be the way because its double matured in American Oak, if its Sherry then a Triple Wood or just throw him into the deep end and buy him a 10 Year Old cause it’d be my choice and I feel like its the heart of the brand.”


 Name : Fred Noe

Company : Beam Suntory [ Jim Beam ]

Inspiration : “My travels around the world, meeting the customers, retailers, bartenders, or just people that enjoy the product. I love hearing to what people say and what they like, for example the single barrel i heard it enough so we did a single barrel.”

Favourite Whiskey : “I Love the Canadian Club, I’m learning about the Japanese Whiskey with our partnership, and John has been teaching me to appreciate Laphroaig. ”

Fathers Day Gift Suggestion : “Well if your Dad is a big Bourbon drinker and he’s really special then the Booker’s which my Father developed it, its uncut and unfiltered and bottled straight from the barrel. The Knob Creek is another super premium one that any Dad would like.”


Name : Mike Miamoto

Company : Suntory

Inspiration : “When we first made whiskey it was a big disaster because it was too smokey, so we had to learn from that and develop a whiskey that would appeal to the Japanese palette.

Favourite Whiskey : “Suntory owns Bowmore distillery I was the production director for many years, so Mowmore 17 year old Whiskey is one of my favourites.”

Fathers Day Gift Suggestion : “The Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the perfect Fathers Day Gift Suggestion, either to be kept or to be drunk now.”


Name : Dan Tullio

Company : Canadian Club

Inspiration : “Meeting the people around the world who drink Canadian Club, and finding out what they like and don’t like.”

Favourite Whiskey : ” I really like the Japanese Harmony I just got back form Tokyo & Osaka and the science behind Japanese Whiskey is amazing.”

Fathers Day Gift Suggestion : “I would suggest that they consider the regular Canadian Club, its quite versatile and Dad can enjoy it with this favourite mixer a dry or cola.


Happy Fathers Day!

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homm