Fathers Day Guide|All About The UE Roll

Since Spring is upon us there’ll be loads more outdoor activities, family BBQ’s, picnics by the beach and loads of Family fun, and nothings says fun like music.

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The UE ROLL is a powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth® speaker that is ready for whatever, wherever, whenever. UE ROLL blasts unapologetically awesome 360-degree sound that is loud and crisp with deep bass that busts out incredible beats. On top of its insane sound, UE ROLL is waterproof (IPX7 certified) and shockproof, meaning you can dunk it, drop it or toss it anywhere without worry. It also has a nine-hour battery life and a 20 metre wireless range*.

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Key Features

  • Awesome 360-degree sound: UE ROLL pumps out insane sound, in every direction, wherever you go. Loud, crisp sound shouts through the air with deep bass and incredible beats. This speaker brings big noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps and mountain climbs.
  • Always chooses dare: UE ROLL is designed to be part of your ultra-mobile lifestyle. It has a waterproof and life-resistant shell that’s forged from the toughest, most premium materials. It’s also lightweight and small with a nine-hour battery life and a 65-foot wireless range, so you can take it anywhere.

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  • Strap on. Turn up: Thanks to its attachable marine-grade bungee cord, you can hook UE ROLL to almost all your gear. Whether it’s using the bungee to fasten it to your swimsuit while you surf or hook it to your hiking gear while you backpack, UE ROLL connects to you, your friends and your music.
  • In control with the app: Download the free UE ROLL app for iOS® or Android™ to unlock an expanding set of cool features, including waking up to your favorite music, remotely turning the speaker on, and even doubling the sound by pairing it with other Ultimate Ears speakers.
  • It’s awesome and getting even better: UE ROLL continuously gets better over time, just like UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM. New updates are rolled out to the speakers wirelessly through the app, so you can easily continue to expand features, making each speaker even more awesome with time.

Priced at $149.95


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Happy Fathers Day!

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homm