Ex AFL Footy Players Launch Thomas Farms Kitchen

The Delicious new home delivery meal kit company Thomas Farms Kitchen is fed up with the rate of food waste in Australia, Thomas Farms Kitchen (TFK) is committing to helping Australians reduce their waste with their all-Australian home-delivered meal kits. “Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kits and recipes are carefully crafted so that food wastage for customers is zero”, say proud co-founders ex-AFL players, Simon Dennis and Bruce Lennon.

With more than 4 million tonnes of food, to the tune of $8 billion, being binned by Aussies each year, according to Foodwise.com.au, TFK offers a chance to make a change.

“At the bottom of everyone’s fridge is a crisper,” says Dennis. “But I like to refer to it as the rotter.

“Globally, about one-third of food is wasted, which is a key reason we created our service. Not only to provide beautifully fresh and nutritious meals but also to stop this vital life-source ending up as landfill.”

For as little as $9.50 a serve, Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kits contain the perfect amount of direct- from-farm fresh produce with a range of delicious nutritious dishes to choose from every week. So fresh, that some ingredients are harvested only a day or two prior to delivery.

Each dish takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook, using easy-to-follow recipes created and tested by leading Australian chef, Nigel Rich. Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kits can be tailored to suit every sized family unit, including singles, couples and families. Meal prices whittle down to $9.50 per serve for families of four, and couple’s meals can cost as little as $11.25 per serve. Importantly, there are no lock-in contracts meaning first-timers can purchase a one-off meal to sample the service.

Dennis and Lennon founded their meal kit service after experiencing the ‘what’s for dinner?’ dilemma first-hand in their corporate lives, following careers as professional AFL players.

“Being so involved in sport we knew how important good nutritious food was to keep you feeling well and performing at your best,” says Dennis.

“But it became increasingly difficult to put that on the table for our families every night, which drove us to create our Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kits.”

Since partnering with Thomas Food International, Australia’s largest family-owned meat and fresh produce processing company, Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kits have resonated with consumers around the nation for providing simple, nutritious dishes with a gourmet twist.

“Our meals contain fresh, natural products people may not necessarily have in their cupboards but will still be familiar with. For instance, our lamb dish this week comes with dates, pistachios and a chermoula rub, says Dennis.

Ranking among the most popular meals are the maple miso salmon with sautéed Asian greens, and gourmet lamb burgers with caramelised onions, free-range eggs, carrot, parsley, turmeric, cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan.

From a health perspective, meal kits of this nature educate people about portion size, which is a huge contributor to Australia’s obesity and overweight epidemic. Furthermore, Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kit recipe cards contain all nutritional information such as kilojoule content, fat, protein, to help Aussies manage their daily intakes better.

In addition to the fight against food waste, Thomas Farms Kitchen is committed to being environmentally friendly. This is no glib statement, Dennis explains: “Every week we have to come up with one new way to reduce our carbon footprint,” he says. “Our goal is to have zero footprint in our boxes.”

To this end, TFK will soon switch its packaging to more environmentally-friendly recyclable cardboard.

No wastage, no wondering what’s in the vegetable keeper, no stress = a no-brainer. Thomas Farms Kitchen meal kit delivery service is the way to healthier, easier and more entertaining evening meals.



by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme