Emerging Jewellery Designer Michael Almonte : 5 Questions With

Here at Rogue La Vie we love to promote local brands, businesses and creatives, and Michael Almonte who is the talent behind The Almonte Jewellery brand is this weeks focus. Michael chatted to us giving us the lowdown on starting a business, and how he stayed inspired during Covid lockdown.

Emerging Jewellery Designer Michael Almonte : 5 Questions With

1.Let’s start at the beginning, where and how was The Almonte jewellery brand born?

It started when I was really young, both of my grandmothers are jewellery enthusiasts. One is a jewellery collector and the other one is a jewellery reseller. Growing up with both household gave me a good understanding of jewellery and diamonds etc.

The Almonte jewellery brand started when I was working for Ralph Lauren in 2014. I was obsessed with White crispy shirt and white shoes at the time, so I thought it would be nice to design jewellery that are minimal, simple and effortless that can go with white shirt and white shoes etc. Pieces that are minimal that can be worn formally or for casual look. BOOM! Almonte Jewellery brand was born.

2. What 5 words would describe Your design aesthetic ?

Minimal – my design should be simple and minimal yet impactful.

Quality –  Keep using high quality materials.

Meaningful – There’s always meaning in every piece I design.

Effortless – I wanted to keep the effortless look in every piece.

Refinement – modern classic and grounded.

3. What did you do to stay inspired and ready to relaunch during covid lockdown ?

I knew that during Covid19 lockdown, it would really affect my business. I stayed focus and strong as always. In every challenging time that I have encountered in my life. I stayed focus and kept  going especially if you really love what you do. I always think challenging time is a great opportunity to really prove your capabilities/abilities as a designer and as a human being. It teaches you resiliency.

4. You’re in the process of launching your latest range, what was the inspiration behind it?

With my latest jewellery design range which is the Pendant Collection, I was inspired by Modern Interior Design. I have always so drawn with Interior Design. Im studying it at the moment.

5. Finally you’re not only online where can people pop in to purchase your amazing range?

I have my Flagship Design Store in 257 Crown Street Darlinghurst and also we have few prominent shops that showcase our collection ( 8 Ocean Street in Woolahra and GENTSAC in The Galeries CBD). We also have few sales representatives in Tokyo, London and Paris. We are really growing which is exciting.

























Words by Arrnott Olssen