Easter Chocolates at ALDI

If you’re a bit behind in your Easter gift buying then don’t fret, ALDI have you covered for all your chocolate needs this Easter Holiday…

Specially Selected Half Egg, 150g – RRP$9.99
This luxurious Specially Selected chocolate egg is filled with a decadent assortment of signature Belgium pralines and crafted by a Belgian chocolatier. The Half Egg is the perfect gift for lovers of fine chocolate.
Specially Selected Butterfly Eggs, 210g – RRP$9.99
Crafted from fine Belgian chocolate and embellished with elaborate butterflies, the Specially Selected Luxury Butterfly Decorated Eggs are UTZ Certified and available in milk, dark or white chocolate.
Choceur Flame Egg, 325g – RRP$7.99
Beautiful chocolate pralines presented in a chocolate half egg shell.
Moser Roth Flavoured Eggs, 150g – RRP$3.49
Moser Roth filled chocolate Easter eggs, comes in 3 exquisite variants: almond, crispy hazelnut crème and caramel crunch!
Choceur Sitting Bunny, 120g – RRP $1.99
Made from the highest quality European milk chocolate, the Choceur premium foil bunny comes complete with a necktie and bunny embossed medallion. Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, the fine creamy texture of the Choceur Bunny makes it a favourite with adults and kids alike.
Happy shopping at your nearest ALDI store,
& We hope you have a Blessed Easter…
Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme