Drop In to The Bon Pavilion for Sean Connolly’s ‘Dropped Softie’

The Bon Pavilion is the newest dining destination on the NSW Central Coast, tastefully exciting both locals and visitors alike. This spring, they are set to inject a little youthful fun into their house-made dessert offering with the introduction of the ‘Dropped Softie’ – Chef Sean Connolly’s fresh, creamy twist on much-loved childhood classics.

Essentially a soft-serve ice-cream with a selection of both dairy and non-dairy options, each of the bedazzling sweet creations has been re-imagined to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia. Think ice-cream versions of classic biscuits and cakes, including the Mint Slice, Wagon Wheel, Iced VoVo, Monte Carlo and Carrot Cake.

For the English-born Chef, childhood memories drift to the seaside and the creamy dairy soft-serve by the beach. Similarly, in Australia, Mr Whippy’s call was the sound that echoed around neighbourhoods around the country.

The ‘Dropped Softie’ has been created with these memories firmly in mind. The innocent joy of taking on a soft-serve ice-cream, licking up sweet flavours before commonly dropping half of the melted sweet goodness on the ground and wishing there was more.

The Bon Pavilion is located at Gosford in the heart of the Central Coast. It is Sean Connolly’s newest dining destination, a joint venture with John Singleton, along with Karina and Brian Barry who also own another Central Coast tourism institution – the five-star, Bells at Killcare.

Open seven days from breakfast to dinner, it’s the neighbourhood brasserie that welcomes all whether it be for an elegant meal, simple coffee and small bite, and now a ‘Dropped Softie’ to sweeten the day.

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by Arrnott Olssen