Down With Denim

Unlike our Lady friends we gents don’t have too many variations to our wardrobe in terms of what we wear, so here at Rogue Homme we’re always on the lookout for cool boutiques who access great Men’s Fashion and New Vintage Store is definitely a must visit for any modern Gent…

We popped down to the store with the amazing Gentleman behind El Ñino Strength and Fitness Mr Mark Ñino, and picked out some of our favourite denim pieces to shoot on him. Then we chatted to the man behind New Vintage Store – Willis Briggs to get the low down on what it is that makes the store so unique.

Willis Briggs the stylish owner of New Vintage Store


Shop 1064 World Square, Corner of Pitt St & Golburn St, Sydney CBD.
 2. Where did the name for the store come from? The name came from a pilgrimage overseas visiting towns with heritage, history. I have always liked unique things that are collectable and have vintage appeal this can always create a feeling of nostalgia. The “New” part of the name all so incorporates modern brands creating garments the old fashion way. What was once OLD to some one is now NEW to some one else. So I think the name New Vintage Store is fitting.


Mar Nino wears A striped Tee, a little vest and a pop of red, who said Denim on Denim was bad?
Mark Nino wears A striped Tee, a little vest and a pop of red, who said Denim on Denim was bad?


 3. What inspires your buying for the store?
There are key elements to the store buying process.
1) Craftsmanship dealing  with brands that make garments the old fashion way its more authentic when talking about the product to consumers.
2) Fabric selection where the fabric is produced country of origin.
3) Country of manufacturing. This is becoming important to everyday consumers. Most consumers are well versed in where things are made, conditions they are made in and the care and quality that goes in to production. I could say close to 50% of the store is handmade by proud craftsman.
4) Brand selection the Australian market is much same, same so I have chosen brands that are not saturated in the market or that I have introduced. The reason for this again is being able to be unique in the market a point of difference. This does offer challenges but something I passionate in driving.
Break up an all  blue Denim look with a bright Tee
Break up an all blue Denim look with a bright Tee


4. What do you think sets you apart from other men’s boutique stores?
Being a small and intimate store  I would think that any person that walks in to the store is captured by aesthetic of the store that the feeling of the environment is welcoming. Communicating with knowledgeable staff I think this really sets us apart we spend  a lot of time on the attention to detail of the product. Explaining the features that the craftsmen have put in to delivering well made product. I think quality will always out ways cost.
A Chambray style shirt is a must in any Gents wardrobe.
A Chambray style shirt is a must in any Gents wardrobe.


5. What direction do you see men’s fashion heading in for Spring/Summer 2014-15
For me personally  I think men are becoming more conscious of looks more then environment. Looks as in trends all though weather is a factor  its about there personal image.
– Denim will still be huge this Spring/Summer
– Classic basic tees
– Well cut shirts in subtle colours
– Printed tees bold graphics
– Floral shorts
– Leather loafers brogues, monk strap.
– Chinos are a staple as well
I think these elements can be dressed classic with a bit of humour or detail as a point of difference its all interpretation really.


Mark Nino Wears 
Nama Denim NDAU209 Slim Tapered 14oz selvedge denim Okyama mill Japan RRP$230
 RedwiteBlue Co Denim overshirt 1930’s work wear inspired 12oz white edge selvedge denim American made $210
Another printed Co crew neck sweatshirt $69.99 designed in Australia
Another printed Co navy vest $79.99 designed in Australia
[ all available at New Vintage Store ]
Styling and Pictures by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme