Dining Out at The New Dolphin Hotel

The Dining Room at Maurice Terzini’s The Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills is officially open and should be on anyones must visit list for 2016.

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The Dining Room offers modern Italo-Australian food, showcasing local produce, high-quality ingredients and simple, fun dining options at affordable prices.  Terzini has drawn from years of experience to deliver this modern collaboration with Chef Monty Koludrovic and the menu features a big collection of classic and modern dining room hits. Menu attached.
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Light, hand-stretched pizza inspired by the traditional style of Rome and Northern Italy, is a hero of the dining room, and is suggested as a starter or mid course before the seafood, meat and pasta dishes. Highlights include the Whole Market Fish, Sorrel & Herb Butter, Cottaleta Limone, Gnocchi with Braised Lamb NeckSpinach & Green Olive or the Twice Cooked Free Range Chicken Cacciatore by the 1/2 or whole. To finish, pastry chef Jaclyn Koludrovic has sweetened the menu with Woodfired Lemon PuddingZokoko Chocolate Tiramisu and a child friendly [or child at heart], Nutella Sundae.
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Executive Chef Monty Koludrovic: “We look to serve amazing, local produce treated simply. I am proud to work with such amazing producers and showcase the best of the best, whether it be a ball of burrata with just the best fresh unfiltered olive oil and vinegar or our special, light, Roman style pizza. The Dolphin Dining Room is a fun, casual place to enjoy the company of friends and we are looking to match the food to that experience”.
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The big changes to the space designed by George Livissianis, include the removal of a mezzanine floor to provide open, bright and light-filled space for diners. The large open kitchen allows a symbiosis between kitchen and diners where a brand new custom designed Beech Pizza Oven takes pride of place in the room with a large pizza section. Artist in residence “Beni” has made his mark with some fun illustrations.

James Hird [2015 Sommelier of the Year] and Maurice Terzini have worked to source an exciting list of producer focused wines which echo Terzini’s philosophy at his Melbourne Wine Room. Terzini: “Every wine will be available by the glass and an ever-changing list will follow the menu”.
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Lenny Opai [Icebergs Dining Room and Bar/ Bayswater Brasserie] delivers drinks that explore everything from built classics, unique pre-batched cocktails and quality local spirits. The classic No. 8 has made is way from the Icebergs, Negroni’s are presented in different ways and a series of other numbered cocktails [no.103, 206, 333, 363, 412, 587] make even the most dedicated Terzini fan keen to explore the new recipes.

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Lunch service eventually. Will keep you posted.
Public Bar
7 days from 10am to Midnight Mon – Sat and 10am – 10pm Sunday.
Wine Room
Open 7 Days from 5pm


r (02) 9331 4800.


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Happy Dining!!!

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme