Count Down To Valentines Day | NIJI for Two Please

I had the pleasure recently of attending the launch of Niji Restaurant & Bar in Double Bay showcasing an array of fusion Japanese cuisine and decadent cocktails to guests.

The Niji restaurant name is synonymous with quality and the Double Bay restaurant has taken their commitment to Japanese cuisine to a new level. Handcrafted culinary dishes blend a contemporary Japanese menu infused with traditional Japanese Izakaya dishes and Western ingredients to produce a modern taste.

The launch event was amazing, the the plates of food gave an insight in to what was to be expected when dining at NIJI, and the bar is more then worth the visit as well with some amazing cocktails on the menu and a fantastic range of saki’s to chose from.

They have a special Valentine’s Day cocktail planned and the food will be a hit with that special date of yours, so to get more info and for booking details go to .

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