Cook Up A Storm for Camp Quality

Camp Quality, Australia’s most trusted children’s charity1, has today embarked on its national fundraising campaign, Dine at Mine, combining Australia’s love of cooking with a campaign that has a big impact on kids living with cancer. The concept is simple, fun and exciting – share a meal with your favourite people and ask them to contribute what they would have spent on a meal out to Camp Quality. Easy, right?


With a meal out at a restaurant costing Australians on average $30 per meal2, this donation can go a long way for Camp Quality, who utilise the money raised to run programs that support kids and their families at every stage of the cancer journey. Camp Quality believes laughter is the best medicine and runs programs focussed on the power of positive psychology to build optimism and resilience.

What sets Dine at Mine apart is the simplicity of the concept – hosts have the freedom to make it what they want, be that dinner at home, a simple Sunday brunch, a themed fiesta in the office or a BBQ while watching the football. The only specification is that the Dine at Mine is hosted between August and September.


Simon Rountree, CEO of Camp Quality, believes a meal is a powerful way to connect for a cause.

“Every day Australians share a meal with family and friends,” Rountree said. “This is part of the daily routine yet can be so meaningful, as a time to catch up and spend time together. Dine at Mine aims to tap into this moment by simply asking people to cook a meal for their loved ones and donate money to a great cause.”

“As a not-for-profit charity, we rely on the generosity of everyday Australians to support families who are currently facing the toughest time of their lives,” Rountree said. “We ask Australians to dig deep, knowing families affected by cancer often can’t even share a meal together.”

The story of the Robinsons

Enjoying the time together over a shared meal benefits families, including the Robinsons, who have been on a cancer journey for the past five-and-a-half years. Parents Wendy and Ken Robinson were told their beautiful and bubbly daughter Victoria had been diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just three years old. Now eight, Victoria has spent the large part of her childhood battling cancer.

Wendy Robinson says, “Our children always return home from a Camp Quality program with confidence in who they are and what they have overcome. The invaluable relationships they have with all the staff and volunteers is a support network for us all. Victoria is excited to host and cook for her friends at her very own Dine at Mine this year to give back to Camp Quality for bringing laughter back into her family.”


Over the past three years 891 people have hosted Dine at Mine events across Australia and raised over $750,000 for Camp Quality. The goal in 2016 is to surpass the million dollar mark.

By hosting a Dine at Mine, Australians help Camp Quality provide essential services at hospital, at home, in schools and out in the community to create the best quality of life for kids and their families living with cancer.

To find out more or register to be part of Dine at Mine, visit


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme