Conquer The March 5 Passes CHALLENGE at Scenic Cycle

Selvio Pass? Done. Furka Pass? Climbed it. St. Gotthard Pass? Conquered it. Umbrail Pass? Scaled it. Grimsel Pass? All Over it!


BUT – have you climbed all these passes in FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS?

Get ready for our March Challenge, where you’ll challenge yourself to CLIMB ONE PASS EACH DAY.

Kicking off with St. Gotthard Pass at 5:30pm Monday March 14th, commit yourself to the challenge of ending your workday on a high (literally) with a pass to climb every 5:30pm class that week!

We have blocked off all 5:30pm classes for the week of March 14th and made them EXCLUSIVELY available for 5 Passes Challengers ONLY. This will fill quickly so please get back to us ASAP to snag your favourite bike!


To celebrate your amazing achievement, join us for celebratory drinks post class Friday March 18th and collect your FREE Scenic Cycle gym bag!

For just $99, put your body and mind to the ultimate test of stamina, strength and endurance by replying YES to this email RIGHT NOW!


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme