COAT an Innovative Solution for Travellers

Everyone who has had to travel with dress or suit has inevitably come across the problem of where to hang it, COAT a portable coat hook is a handy and stylish solution that’ll solve this long time problem.

Problem solved now for suit wearers whilst travelling, commuting and socialising, the solution is a simple one that comes in the form of an affordable 28g suctioned hook that can be fitted to an array of surfaces.  Small enough to fit into a coat or jacket pocket, a clutch bag or small purse, you can now easily and safely stow your garments in 3 simple steps with COAT. 

With COAT being able to be used on gloss surfaces such as glass, tile, stone, metals and also table tops, the use for COAT is endless and provides an alternative for coats or jackets to be stowed in a safe, practical way.

CEO and Founder, Luke Dutton has commented; “The COAT was created out of necessity after I couldn’t find anywhere suitable to stow my suit jacket while commuting to work or out and about for meetings. I realised that there was no practical solution available and hence, COAT was born.” 
 “We see COAT as being one of the essential items you can’t leave home without and becoming a handbag or pocket staple such as keys, phone, wallet and mints,” Dutton concluded.

COAT is available online only from  – $29.95 RRP –

Available in 3 colours; black, red and blue  –

Usage can be on both vertical or horizontal surfaces –

COAT will hold up to 2 kilos in weight

Words by Arrnott Olssen