Christmas Gift Guide 2015 from BenQ

The end of the year is fast approaching and will be upon us sooner than we know, so if you’re planning to host a Christmas or New Year’s Eve summer barbecue, it’s time to start writing your to do list now. From having the best music, a stylish space, delicious foods and the ultimate guest list – BenQ has the top five tips and tricks that will help you throw a party your guests will never forget!


1. Music is the deal breaker to any party!

Be sure to give your guests the luxury of top-quality sound matched with some quality tunes at your barbecue with the treVolo speaker. treVolo has a quad amplified design utilising electrostatic panels, high quality woofers and large radiators that delivers a spectacular sound for ultimate listening pleasure. The speaker also features a unique technology called TrueSound which helps to improve sound quality on highly compressed legacy audio files. Once you’ve got the quality sorted, then it’s time to look at your playlist – consider current tunes but also make sure you’ve got a good mix of the classics; and maybe just a couple of fun cheesy ones as well! 

2. Drinks for everyone!

During the holiday season, we all like to enjoy a refreshing summer drink, especially at those summer barbecues! Make sure you’ve got a wide range of beverages to cater to different preference ranges. From a good mix of fruity and creamy cocktails and mocktails, beer and wine and, of course, plenty of H2O is definitely the way to go. You also need to think about the weather because if it’s set to be a scorcher 30 degree day, you need to have enough ice for your guests to keep your guests beverages nice and cool.


3. Where’s the food at?!

No one likes to go hungry at any gathering, especially when there’s alcohol involved! Make sure you have plenty of canapés including a selection of meat, seafood and vegetarian options, going around throughout the barbecue. Also, don’t forget to save some for later in the night when your guests drop the hint that they are feeling peckish. Good food it so important, especially because you want to make sure that your guests have all the energy that they need to hit the dance floor with the great playlist you’ll be playing on your treVolo.

4. Balance your space!

The last thing any party host wants once all their guests leave is to realise that their favourite vase is broken or the dining table is ruined! Make sure that when your thinking about the layout your barbecue you consider keeping all those expensive items out of sight and locked away. It’s also important to make sure you have the perfect balance between open space and furniture – you need to allow room for dancing but also consider that your guests may want to sit down and have a chat throughout the night. 

5. The final touch – Style is everything

Set your space up to look drop dead gorgeous! Don’t stress about having a big unattractive speaker in sight of your guests as the treVolo brings a new meaning to audio style and function with its gorgeous brushed metal, gold ring finish, and zero sharp angles creating a premium design. The exterior speakers are crafted from a polished metallic shell that feel as durable as they appear elegant, perfect for any room in the house. Make sure you’ve also got a few holiday decorations around to give your entertaining space some excitement!

Ticking boxes in all categories, the treVolo is easy on the eyes, generous to the ears and importantly, will be the perfect tool to help you have the best barbecue this holiday season!

Do let us know if a unit is of interest and we can send this over to you so you can have a first-hand experience.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme