Christmas Gift Guide 2015 By WD For The Tech Heads

Here’s some Christmas Gift Ideas for those who love Technology, everything from personal clouds to save those precious memories or hard drives for those game enough build their own Pc’s.

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My Passport® X
2 TB RRP: AUD$199.99
My Passport X from WD expands your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC gaming experience. Connect this powerful portable drive to immediately add capacity to your system. Built around a high-quality WD drive, My Passport X is performance-tweaked to meet the desires of serious gamers.
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My Passport® Wireless 
1 TB RRP: AUD$309.99

2 TB RRP: AUD$389.99Access all your files wirelessly from Apple and Android devices with My Passport Wireless. Create your own hotspot and connect up to 8 devices. Stream media from the drive, upload your files, or copy over the contents of your SD card using the in-built card reader. 
My Cloud®
2 TB RRP: AUD$249.99 

3 TB RRP: AUD$279.99
4 TB RRP: AUD$329.99
6 TB RRP: AUD$519.99Unlike public clouds, My Cloud personal cloud storage allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home network, so there’s no mystery about where your data is located. You can then access your files anywhere there is an internet connection. 
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My Cloud® EX2100

0 TB RRP: AUD$499.99
4 TB RRP: AUD$899.99
8 TB RRP: AUD$1199.99
12 TB RRP: AUD$1599.99Save all your valuable photos, videos, music and files on this ready-to-go, high-performance NAS solution for secure remote access. Protect your content with multiple backup options, customise your NAS with a full suite of apps and enjoy peace of mind.  
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WD Black
5 TB RRP: AUD$429.99

6 TB RRP: AUD$489.99Whether you’re a photographer, video editor, digital artist, or want to build your own system, look no further than WD Black hard drives as your go-to solution. WD Black drives deliver inspiring performance for storing large multimedia files of photos, videos and applications.

1 TB RRP: AUD$139.99
4 TB RRP: AUD$269.99Digital artists, photographers, and gamers will welcome WD Blue SSHD’s ultra-fast read and write speeds when it comes to their large creative and multimedia files. The capacity limitations of a standalone SSD are no longer an issue; WD Blue SSHD has the capacity for an entire digital portfolio, with outstanding, SSD-like speed at a manageable price.  

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme