Changing Rooms with GumTree

If youʼre like me and recently stopped to take a proper look at your home space and realised it’s probably time for a change, well this oneʼs for you. Follow our step by step guide to mapping out your room makeover with Gumtree and youʼll be basking in a new room in no time.

1. Inspiration

Start with a vision, it could be a pic in a magazine, a hotel room youʼve stayed in or a room at a friend’s place. This is important because this will be the base of everything from the colour of the walls and furniture, what sort of furniture you need for the space to all the extras that go in to make it compelling.

2. Plan out the space

Map out the room and measure length and width and height of space, take notice of where power points are etc. Once youʼve worked this out begin to draw up a plan of the room, figure out the layout for example where the bed goes if itʼs a bedroom or where you want to position your desk if itʼs an office space/study.

Room – Before Picture

3. Decide what the room needs

You want to purchase only the items you actually need for the space, this will ensure youʼre not over spending and the space is finished quickly. Write out your list of items and get ready to search and buy.

4. Search and Purchase

Finally itʼs time to buy those necessary items of furniture you need to update and redecorate your space, and Gumtree is the place to do it. Search by using the exact name of the furniture youʼre wanting to purchase in the Gumtree app search section. When you find pieces you like add it to your watch list straight away, this way you can keep an eye on it in case the price drops or it gets sold.

Remember if the item is perfect for your space, either make an offer (donʼt be afraid to negotiate, but negotiate fairly) or if youʼre happy with the price request to purchase it straight away. Once you requested to purchase all items youʼve needed, all thatʼs left is picking them up and paying the seller. Donʼt forget you have a few different options when making payment. You can either pay when picking up the item or via Paypal.


5. Pick up

Try and organise all your pickups at the same time, that way everything is done in the one day or over two days and you’re not wasting time going back and forth. Plus if youʼve roped a friend in to helping you itʼs easier on them.

Room – After Picture 

Once youʼve got all your items itʼs as simple as following your room layout and plan, with a few adjustments if needed then adding some finishing touches to complete the room. At last you can sit back and enjoy your hard work and design. Remember with Gumtree you never have to pay full price and youʼre reusing and helping the planet.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme