Change Your Fitness in 5 Weeks with Ben Seymour

Have you made a decision to change your health and fitness but you’re not sure where to start, then here’s a challenge for you that will take 5 weeks out of your life thanks to ex Rugby Union Player Ben Seymour & Fitness Coach Camilla Bazley.

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What is the 5 week Project?

It’s all about fitness, nutrition, lifestyle. All bundled in to one. But without the typical “quick fix” approach. Everything is delivered online through private FB group. Video workouts, nutritional info, guidelines, support, motivation. You’re supplied with a a manual a few days prior to commencing with heaps of info, which cover everything from nutritional guidelines to shopping lists  and workouts you can do. There’s also a lot on mindset to help you get in the right frame of mind, and we’ve programmes each week so you know how much training to do etc.

IMG_0266Why 5 weeks? 
Well it’s takes about 21 days to break/change a habit. It’s all about changing the way you’ve looked at fitness, looked at yourself, and looked at how living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to stop you from missing out on things!
The 5th week is about integrating these changes in to your life and making them sustainable, being able to eat “cheat foods” and not feel guilty about it, but at the same time not tainge the piss and abuse it.
It’s not meant to be a quick fix and it’s not going to be easy, but it’s the honest truth about a healthy, liveable life.

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We have been the people that have cried through every training session days on end and hated it, but kept doing it with out seeing change, because it was all about elitism. 

It’s not meant to be like that training makes us so damn happy and now it’s not “training” to us it’s purely a balanced lifestyle, and we couldn’t be happier!!

That’s what we are so excited to make a change in our 5WP community!!

The 5 Week Project launches next Monday, to sign up click the link below…


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme