Break The Stress Sweat with NIVEA Men

   Stress sweating is a different type of sweat to that caused by physical exertion and heat. It can come in faster and unexpectedly, leading to more stress and sweat which results in a stronger odour. . 

Now, NIVEA, the stress sweat experts, has developed a solution: new NIVEA and NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength anti-perspirant deodorant which provides advanced protection against stress sweat, guaranteed.

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NIVEA and NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength protects from heavy wetness and odour and provides protection against both thermal sweating (from heat and physical exertion) as well as stress sweating from heightened emotionally stressful situations. Available in a women’s and men’s stick applicator, NIVEA and NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength anti-perspirant deodorant will help break the stress sweat cycle.

STOCKIST: 1800 103 023
RRP: $14.75 Each

by Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme