If you’re sitting at a desk for a long period of time or like me you’re being put through intense workout sessions, to help you get fit or lose weight then you’ll understand how useful the Body Bolster is…

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Developed with input from Australian physi- otherapists to promote movement and sup- port the back actively, the BodyBolster was designed with people in mind, to specifical- ly improve posture and physical function as well as educate, offer comfort and optimise therapeutic results.

Launched in 2003, the BodyBolster was de- signed to offer ‘active’ support of the back and hence movement. The air-filled device encourages mobility, allowing healthy, mi- cro joint movement through the spine versus other conventional foam support concept which holds the torso in a static position or ‘passive’ state.

The BodyBolster has two main functions, postural support for occasions of sitting, ly- ing or propping and as a conditioning tool for the purpose of stretching, increasing mobility and strengthening.

The springy, active support of the BodyBol- ster adds more movement to the supported position and increases muscle contraction by switching on core stabiliser muscles. As a result, the BodyBolster promotes erect posture and prevents stiffness, maintaining a comfortable and free-moving musculo- skeletal system.

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“This is the ultimate self-help tool, access beyond managed care. You place the BodyBolster typically where you want to place your hand – to relieve pressure or to add support” as creator of the BodyBolster, Flavia Abbate tells.

Versatile, effective and portable, the Body- Bolster is the ideal travel, workplace or ex- ercise companion. With a wide variety of extensive in-chair exercises to stretch, re- lease muscle tension, improve blood circu- lation, reduce health risks such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and of course, to support your back and neck, the BodyBolster offers more than 40 individual exercise and acti- vation options – each to provide support, in- crease mobility and release muscle tension in the shoulders, back and neck through activation of the core and conditioning of joints and your spine.

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BodyBolster is now sold in 13 countries with growth expansion plans in place. Whilst the main distribution has been through health care practitioners, the brand has decided to allow consumers to access the product directly and purchase on line.

The BodyBolster is available online to purchase at
and is valued at $79.90 to purchase 

I’ve being using mine after my workout sessions, and it really does work wonders getting the knots out and releasing tension from my overworked muscles hahaha…


By Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme