Behind The Brand with NOTA

Here at Rogue Homme we’re fascinated by what it takes to make a brand successful, so we were glad when the the boys behind NOTA took time out to chat with us.

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1. Starting a shoe brand isn’t Prob what kids dream of doing when they grow up, so how did you guys get inspired to start NOTA?
None Of The Above was birthed by very different, but alike minds. Yen has had a lifelong dream of starting his own label; Nabil is constantly intrigued by science behind the design and construction of shoes, Marcus is a serial entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market for customised shoes;  and Ambrose is a sneakerhead who’s always wanted to have a sneaker to call his own.
2. How do you keep your brilliant ideas coming season in and season out.
The first is that we never stop thinking about designs. Not just new designs, but better designs too. We draw inspiration from everyday experiences, and from conversations with people around us. We try and marry designs which we love, with designs people need.
3. The new bespoke White sneaker is a genius of a design, who or what was the inspiration?
When we were drafting the designs for the white sneaker, we reminded ourselves that it had to share the design DNA with our other curated footwear: it had to be timeless and clean.
4. Are there any plans in the future to design other accessories or clothes to the label?
We’re to be growing and evolving constantly. Part of that growth will include more than just shoes. We have ideas buzzing in our heads all the time and we are penning down designs and researching different technologies that empower our customers to personalise not just shoes, but apparel and accessories too.
5. Give 5 things anyone who’s thinking of starting a business should do?
Don’t stop studying your surrounds: that’s how you find out what people need or want, and how you can fill that space.
Don’t lose sight of what your product, or your brand, stands for.
Don’t create a product you don’t love
Don’t underestimate the value of relationships with your customers
Don’t give up if one idea doesn’t work, some other idea might.
by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme