Beats Have You Covered for Inspired Christmas Gifts 2020

Beats Have You Covered for Christmas Gifts 2020

With Christmas literally around the corner, our friends at Beats have you covered for some last minute Gift Ideas and we think the gift of sound is the perfect Christmas 2020 Gift.

Beats Offerings

Beats Flex – RRP $79.95

  • An affordable $79.95 option for those who still want premium sound, but on a budget. Ideal for:
  • Your little sister who has a habit of losing her headphones (as these can be safely worn like a necklace) 
  • An active dad who wants to listen to music, but also want to forget he’s wearing anything — think hiking, snowboarding, skiing
  • When you want everyone to fight over your white-elephant gift or need a last-minute stocking stuffer 

Powerbeats Pro – RRP $ $349.95

  • These sleek truly wireless earbuds come in a range bright colours to match your gym look or inspire New Year’s resolutions. Perfect for:
  • The fitness fanatic — literally any kind of fitness from rock climbing to ballet to jiu jitsu — who need headphones that will always stay put
  • Your friend who downloaded the Nike Run Club app or built their at-home setup as soon as their gym closed
  • Your uncle who idolizes LeBron James and wants to show off his own “tunnel fit”
  • Your busy boss who will love that you can charge these on-the-go via battery case

Powerbeats – RRP $ $219.95

  • Similar vibe to Powerbeats Pro but with a cord. The best for:
  • Those who are suspicious of truly wireless or just simply prefer a corded option, but still want the same fitness capabilities as Powerbeats Pro
  • Your niece in college who wants to reach their workout goals, and appreciate its $100 less than Powerbeats Pro

Solo Pro – RRP $ $429.95

  • A WFH-friendly on-ear due its stellar ANC and crystal clear sound — Zoom happy hours will be an entirely new experience. The favourite for:
  • Watching Netflix holiday movies solo while your partner is trying to finish their fave video game
  • Your mum to whip out on a road trip when she “needs a moment to herself”
  • The Pharrell stan who wants a Skateboard P-approved headphone

Studio3 Wireless – RRP $449.95

  • Our beloved OG over-ear that looks and sounds incredible. A must-have for: 
  • Those who need a comfort-first, premium-sound accessory to complement their athleisure or loungewear fits
  • Your wellness-minded co-worker who drink hot water with lemon and meditates each morning 
  • (Also) your brother who is up all night creating their latest SoundCloud rap 

Pill+ – RRP $249.95

  • This portable speaker will blast out holiday hits for a cozy get-together. An essential buy for:
  • Your favourite, extroverted aunt who wants music anywhere, all the time — at a picnic, brunch, bonfire, beach anything!
  • Those who prefer working out without headphones but needs good music to get through the sesh

Beats EP – RRP $139.95

  • A wired headphone that is durable and sounds great. Get this for:
  • Your relative who still loves a wired headphone…and needs the coolest ones on the market
  • Everyone who wants to avoid Bluetooth at all costs, but still wants a high-quality option 

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Edited by Arrnott Olssen