Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine

Behind something interesting often lies something extraordinary

Long before the prohibition days of Nucky Thompson, Al Capone and Charlie Lucky Luciano, jars of white whiskey moonshine were being distilled in the backwoods of Appalachia in America as early as the 1800’s. And whilst secret locations and the cloak of darkness are no longer necessary, Moonshine is growing in popularity against the big whiskey brands in much the same way over a decade ago the beer market changed when consumers turned to craft brews. In response to growing consumer demand for small-batch artisanal products, Bearded Lady have launched a Moonshine with a twist offering the discerning palate a gutsy complex corn whiskey straight out of the jar.



A genuine small batch product this hand labeled crafted spirit, unlike its ancestors, is barrel aged for three years producing a richer, stronger, character driven sippable whiskey. Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine is a 99% corn whiskey (1% malted barley) that is rested in ex Bearded Lady Bourbon barrels. The time in oak rounds out the beautifully spiced un-aged whiskey distillate with subtle caramel and a hint of vanilla. What is surprising is the smoothness and roundness of flavour, making this suitable for classic cocktails and simple mixed drinks. It can also be enjoyed neat or on ice.



Just as our love affair with the prohibition HBO hit series Boardwalk Empire will continue after the final curtain on season 5, so will our love of sinfully good moonshine and as Nucky Thompson so aptly said “We all have to decide how much sin we can live with”.

The premium Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine is available now in independent retail stores and online, with limited edition gift boxes in store by November 24. The perfect gift for the suave and distinguished gent this Christmas, visit or to secure your taste of the extraordinary.

Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme