Launched in September 2011, Batlow Cider Co. was formed as a joint collaboration between the Batlow Fruit Co-operative Ltd, growers of “Australia’s Favourite Apples”, and Sydney based brothers Rich & Sam Coombes.

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The brothers contacted the Co-operative to source apples to fulfill their cider-making dream in 2010. After spending time in the UK visiting their father in the early 2000’s they noticed a lack of quality craft cider available in Australia so set out to create their own using the best cider-making practices and best quality locally grown fruit.

The release of their debut product, Batlow Premium Cider, marked the launch of the partnership and now in their fourth year of operation, Batlow Cider is distributed across Australia and also internationally as the global cider market flourishes. Batlow Premium Cider is clean filtered & refreshingly crisp. Rich, fresh & fragrant apple notes are combined with a hint of earthiness and medium-dry finish.


Rich Coombes says, “The partnership we formed with Batlow Apples is invaluable. Not only are they a household name in apples & quality in produce, we also have ongoing access to some of the best fruit in the country and from the outset we have shared the vision of turning “Australia’s Favourite Apples” into Australia’s Favourite Cider. They backed Sam & I to launch the business and we have not looked back since.”

Batlow Apples is compromised of approximately 20 largely family owned orchards and today remains 100% independent & grower owned. Batlow Cider is committed to maintaining its roots by supporting local growers. Every apple that goes into their cider range has been handpicked from within a 30km radius of the Batlow Post Office Box before being crushed locally and fermented to create their cider.

As the cider category continues to be the fastest growing segment of the alcoholic drinks sector, Batlow Cider has gone from strength to strength growing sevenfold since it’s first year of operations. Following the success of Batlow Premium Cider, which has been distributed into some of the finest establishments into Australia, (such as top 50 world ranked Quay restaurant in Sydney), Batlow Cider has launched the following additions into their stable of ciders.


Batlow Cloudy Cider:

In 2012, about 12 months after the launch of Batlow Premium Cider, Batlow Cloudy Cider was launched just in time for the global Mumford & Sons “Gentlemen of the Road Tour”, which they supplied exclusively in Australia. Batlow Cloudy Cider has grown to become Batlow Cider’s most popular variety and is now available in keg, bottle & can formats.

Tasting note

Batlow Cloudy Cider (4.2% abv): Traditional farmhouse style with a bold apple sweetness upfront, good body and a clean medium-sweet finish.

Batlow OPA (Oaked Pear & Apple):

OPA launched into keg in August 2014 as a seasonal release and after a great response was released into 500ml bottles in December 2014. Batlow OPA is produced with a blend of Batlow Apples and locally grown pears sourced from Victoria.

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Tasting note

Batlow OPA (Oaked Pear & Apple) Cider (4.8% abv): Medium sweet upfront with fresh green pear and apple notes with a subtle hint of French Oak maturation.

Sam Coombes of Batlow says, “We’ve worked hard to produce the best quality ciders that resemble the freshness and quality of the Batlow Apples we use. Unlike many commercial ciders we only use fresh fruit and don’t add any water, concentrates, sugar or other flavourings.”


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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme