Banan Boat Goes Ultra

Are you a sun loving beach bum or a sun loving outdoors addict that spends as much time as possible soaking up the rays? With men more often exposed to nature’s harsh elements, the powerful protection of sunscreen is needed now more than ever.

The launch of Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ as their most advanced sunscreen protection has been perfectly designed to suit Australia’s modern man. It’s simple to use in either a lotion or clear spray and the non-greasy formula is four hours water resistant.


With Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ recommended by the International Skin Cancer Foundation, you can be confident you will be protected on your outdoor adventures. Even if your skin isn’t prone to burning, when unprotected, your skin is increasingly susceptible to significant signs of ageing. This Broad Spectrum sunscreen offers ultra-protection from the harsh UVA/UVB rays, which are the root cause of sun damage.

A casual walk to the pub or an impromptu BBQ session with unprotected skin time is fast adding up and the numbers don’t look good. Of the 1400 people killed each year by skin cancer, 69 per cent are men. When only 29 per cent of men wear sunscreen compared to 45 per cent of women, it’s easy to understand why men are so much more at risk.

Ultra SPF 50+ Clear Spray– This sweat resistant sunscreen is perfect for those that sweat up a storm playing a competitive game of basketball with their mates or those that run in the heat of the day. The clear spray is easy to apply, even on hard to reach places like your back.


Banana Boat Sun Smart Tips:

  • Apply sunscreen 15-20mins before you go outside so it absorbs properly and apply generously

  • Reapply as directed, especially after swimming, exercise, excessive perspiration and towel drying

  • As well as applying sunscreen, cover up with sun protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. It’s also important to seek shade during 10am-3pm when the sun is at its strongest

  • Apply sunscreen everyday – Sunscreen should be used in all seasons since the sun’s rays can harm you all year long

  • Don’t forget under your eyes, your ears, lips, shoulders, behind your knees and on top of your feet

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme