Bag The Perfect Fitness Backpack with Targus

Finding the perfect backpack that can take you from the office to the Gym isn’t as easy as you’d think, so when we discovered this little number from Targus we were pretty chuffed boasting an array of compartments in a sleek looking bag we had to share it with you.

15.6” Fitness Backpack

The Work + Play Fitness Backpack is ideal for Dads on the go. It is intelligently designed with three dedicated compartments for laptops, work accessories and sport gear. Built with insights from athletes and designed with the active professional in mind, this backpack provides great protection for your technology at the same time as giving you everything that you would demand from a sports or fitness bag: a large compartment for your sports clothes and towel, space for your water bottles, and a ventilated compartment to hold your sports shoes. It includes a detachable laundry bag to separate wet and dry clothes and a separate compact washbag, so that you don’t have to tow two bags the office!

Fave Bit 

The many compartments are probably my fave thing about it, you can pop your wet gym clothes in and keep it separated from you laptop or files. Plus it’s a pretty sleek looking backpack and definitely stylish.

How Much 

Priced at a very budget save RRP $129 its definitely worth the purchase.

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Words & Images by Editor Arrnott Olssen