Archie Rose Launches Pro Barware for Home Cocktails

Archie Rose Distilling Co. has launched its Copper Cocktail Set ready for cocktail shaking this summer.

For those who love to entertain, Archie Rose Copper Cocktail Sets have everything you’ll need to create exceptional cocktails at home. Three sets are available to cater for the gin lover, vodka lover, or that person who just wants the most complete set of equipment available. Each set contains a combination of the following items as well as an Archie Rose Cocktail Booklet to provide some inspiration:

  • Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin or Original Vodka – Recently judged both “World’s Best International Contemporary Gin” and “World’s Best International Unflavoured Vodka” respectively, you can choose which product is included in your set to satisfy both the gin and vodka lover in your life.
  • Hawthorn Strainer – Fits snugly onto both the shaker and the mixing glass, holding back ice once a drink is chilled and diluted.

  “To control the speed of the flow you can push the gate of the flat top part of the strainer towards the rim, reducing the size of the aperture. After a hard shake this will hold back any small shards of ice in the drink.”

  • Engraved Parisian Shaker – Stunning polished copper shaker used behind the Archie Rose bar. We’ve shaken over 50,000 cocktails in ours so it will be sure to handle anything you can throw at it.

“Add ingredients to the larger side, fill with ice four fifths of the way up, pop the smaller top on, give it a little pat and shake vigorously. Different cocktails have different requirements when it comes to shaking, from a Southside that requires  a short sharp shake to a Ramos Gin Fizz that infamously asks to be shaken for 12 mins. But a good rule of thumb to begin with is shake until you can feel the cold on your fingers. Around 20-30 seconds should suffice for most drinks.”

  • Graduated Bell Jigger – Double sided commercial copper bell jigger, specifically requested and used by the Archie Rose bar team. Multiple graduations make it super easy to measure 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 30ml, 45ml and 60ml pours.
  • Spiegelau Crystal Mixing Glass – A classic bit of equipment used for stirred drinks.

  “If you’re wondering when to stir and when to shake, a good basic guideline is shake drinks that have a citrus, fruit or egg component.”

  • Barspoon – The barspoon may seem like the least exciting piece of kit however used properly it is an elegant and useful tool.

“For basic stirring of drinks, run the convex side of the spoon around the inside of the mixing glass. The spoon can also be used for measuring (the spoon bowl holds five mls) and if you want to try a little flair you can pour liquid down the   stem of the spoon to layer liquids upon one another.”

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme





45ml Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 60ml rockmelon juice
20ml lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup*

15ml egg white
5 mint leaves Pinch of salt
Soda water, to top Slice of rockmelon Sprig of mint


Combine ingredients in your shaker and shake hard without ice. This is known as a dry shake and turns the egg white into foam.

Add ice and shake again.

Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice and top with soda.

Garnish with a slice of rockmelon and a sprig of mint.



60ml Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 30ml lemon juice
20ml lemon myrtle syrup*
Soda water, to top

Slice of lemon


Combine all ingredients with ice in the bottom part of your Parisian shaker.

Pop the top on, give it a firm pat to make a seal and shake as hard as you can.

Then, strain the mixture over fresh ice
in a highball glass, top it with soda water and garnish with a lemon wheel.

*Lemon myrtle syrup is normal sugar syrup but with one teaspoon of dried lemon myrtle powder per 500ml. 



50ml Archie Rose Original Vodka 10ml dry vermouth
10ml olive brine

The ratio of a Martini is a matter of preference, and the argument between vodka and gin will forever rage. However, we like both. When we’re choosing vodka, we’re quite partial 

to a Dirty Martini, which includes a splash
of good-quality olive brine. Pick your olives carefully. At the bar in Rosebery, we use Sicilian olives which have a great, buttery texture. 


Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice and stir for 20 to 30 seconds.

Strain using your Hawthorn strainer into a cocktail glass, which is best right out of the freezer.

Garnish with a few olives on a skewer.




40ml Archie Rose Original Vodka 20ml peach liqueur
25ml lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup

15ml egg white

Angostura bitters

The Peach Perfect is just as pleasurable
to drink with Archie Rose Gin or White Rye.


Combine all ingredients except the bitters. Do a dry shake to emulsify the egg white.

Add ice and shake again. Then dash a line of bitters across the top of the drink’s foam.