An Interview with Nick Seymour

  I had the pleasure recently of chatting to Australian Rugby Union export to France, the talented Mr Nick Seymour to get the lowdown on what inspires him and how he got his start here’s what he had to say …


Name: Nick Seymour
Position: Hooker
Team: Stade Rouennais, Worcester Warriors
Kia Ora, G’day, Bonjour. I’m not sure which to use anymore. Anyway my name is Nick Seymour and I am a New Zealand born, Australian bred Professional Rugby Player applying my trade in France 🙂
What got you started in rugby?
As a child growing up in New Zealand it was inevitable that rugby would be on the cards. It was just a matter of when! My late grandmother thought that 4 was an appropriate age after reading an advertisement in the local paper. It was Rugby League at first, but in the end it was Rugby Union that stole my heart!
What’s your earliest memories of playing rugby?
My earliest memories are playing rugby league for a small local club the Jaguars in Pakuranga, Auckland as an over weight unathletic 4 year old waddling around the field trying to figure out the best way not to have to run, tackle or pass!
Why Europe for rugby?
UK and Europe has always appealed to me, and has been a goal for a long time to play in Framce. I was stuck in a log jam of good Hookers at the Waratahs and I was given an opportunity from my current coach Richard Hill at our previous club Worcester Warriors which I took with open arms and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the journey so far!
Who inspires you?
I have many inspirations. The first would have to be my Mother. She’s the most amazing, loving and hard working person I have ever met. I’m lucky I can call her mum and must thank her as I am sure that’s where my work ethic comes from. Kevin Mealamu was a huge inspiration as a rugby player growing up. And now along with the rest of the Rugby and Rugby League world Slammin Sam Burgess is someone who inspires me and I have alot of respect for.
What’s your goal after rugby?
After rugby I hope to return to Australia. Sydney has my heart and out of all the places in the world I have travelled is my favourite city and where I want to call home. I have my personal training qualifications and health and fitness is something I am very passionate about. I hope to open a gym and supplement store and share my knowledge, passion and experience with the people of Sydney.
Random question who’s style inspires you?
That’s a silly question. You of course, hard not to with your elevator selfies ;). I’m a huge fan of Digby Iaone I think he has great style, David Beckham and even Guy Sebastian :). Being a bigger guy however it’s not always easy to pull of the Beckham or Sebastian look!
And what labels would you like access to feely?
I am a huge fan of Arvust and Zanerobe. So if your reading this hook a brother up ;). My favourite store in Aussie was General Pants and I think Australia has some great labels and style, I wish it was easier to get in Europe. Also I love caps so New Era would have to be on my wish list 🙂