Alphatise A Change Is Coming

Shopping online has increasingly improved over the last decade to become more user-friendly, but despite this it still feels as though all the power and control is on one side of the equation in the hands of big business.

That’s all about to change with the launch of Alphatise this week…


 Game Changer!

Rule Breaker!

Power Shaker!

Thats’s what the team here at Rogue Homme are describing Alphatise as, its not another online shopping destination buying and selling goods instead its re-distributing the power from the seller to the buyer.

The question I’ve being getting asked by everyone I’ve being chatting to about Alphatise is – How is it different?

Well this is the game changer, you set the price!

Seriously; you decide what you would ideally like to pay for an item, and make a wish on it locking in your ideal price. This is then sent to the supplier/store and they decide whether or not they’ll accept the price you’ve set.

Hold on a moment though it doesn’t end there, if they accept your ideal price you can then share that special with your family and friends who then have the opportunity to purchase it as well.

What’s not to like about it?


Apart from allowing you to set a price and negotiate directly with the brand/online store, the other major difference that Alphatise brings is  the scope of it’s reach. Covering some of the big names like David Jones and Bunnings Warehouse, Alphatise is indexing over 250 million products and is constantly growing, this will allow Alphatise to defragment our shopping experience; and it’ll be the one place to find anything we want.

How’s that for a new shopping experiance?


Alphatise is live now on the app store so why don’t you download the app and start wishing?

Here’s a reminder of how it works again:

“Well, imagine you want a Samsung TV that retails for $1000 on the high street, but you know you are not prepared to spend that kind of money – so you delay your purchase. However, if you could get that same TV for $700 you know you would buy it tomorrow – with Alphatise, you can do that. You simply tell sellers on the platform what you want (we call it a wish),what you would pay and theythen have the opportunity to match your demands. If they do, and you agree, the transaction takes place. Users can also share their activity on their social networks, so friends and families can easily jump on a deal. In addition to products, buyers can also request a store discount wish, such as 10% off.

Now, let’s look at it from the seller’s point of view. Sellers push deals according to price-specific market demand.

If you are a retailer with 30 Samsung TVs, with Alphatise you can see that 30 people would pay $700. So you can communicate directly with those 30 people who have explicitly requested that product at that price.”



The power is yours and not only can you benefit if your price is approved , but so can your family and friends.

So Alphatise your buying and change the way you shop…

by Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme