All Welcome at IKEA’s Iconic Hotell in Älmhult

When I received an invite from Ikea Australia to attend their annual Democratic By Design  in Älmhult Sweden, I jumped at the opportunity to not only experience this amazing insight into IKEA’s upcoming collabs and projects but to also stay in the IKEA hotel. For a big IKEA fan like me this was going to be the ultimate sleepover, and I couldn’t wait to check in and share my experience with you all.

A little background information it was in Älmhult that the first IKEA store was built and Älmhult not only contains the IKEA head office but also the IKEA museum, Photography and Video studio and Testing Centre and even more exciting the IKEA hotel.

Established in 1964 the IKEA hotel has been hosting guests for more then fifty years, and has just added a new wing to the hotel with brand new rooms. When we arrived to check in the normally quiet town and hotel was a buzz with guests from all around the world for their annual Democratic by Design event.

It’s a spacious foyer that is adjacent to a bar and restaurant , and the open space is both welcoming and cosy. From the reception desk there are two sections to head towards the older wing, and the newer wing which we were booked into.

Everywhere you look there are interesting groupings of IKEA furniture and homewares, used brilliantly throughout to create pockets of spaces that invite you to sit and make yourself at home.

The Room

The room is well laid out and comfortable with basic amenities like a desk for working at, space to hang clothes and a spacious bathroom. My favourite would have to be the bed which was set high off the ground ( just the way I like it ), and sooooo comfy, yeah I know there’s too many o’s but that’s how comfy it was. It was like floating on a cloud, well at least what I imagine floating on a cloud would be like haha.

The Food

Hearty and local is whats on the menu at the IKEA hotel, the food is delicous but if you’re expecting something fancy then you wont find it here. They serve up local fare that’ll fill you up and keep you going for a day, and best of all it’s extremely affordable and wont break your budget.


My Fave Bit

As an IKEA fan i loved the way they used furniture ad decor thorughout the hotel, it was a great way to get new ideas on how to use IKEA products, but my all time favourite thing would be the bed which so comfortable and light and airy and I didn’t ever want to leave.

How Much

There is something for every price range, click the link below for updated prices and to book.

Words by Editor Arrnott Olssen